Top Fitness Trends of 2011

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We know, there are a lot of gimmicks out there promising to effortlessly burn off the blubber, change your game, lead you to greatness, yada, yada. Stop wasting your time. Our crack research team (not to be confused with our research team on crack) has travelled the country, ferreting out the best new techniques and activities that ACTUALLY WORK! Throw out the Thigh Fryer™ and deep six your Cardio Crusher™. CrossFit? For wimps. P90X? Booor-ring. A Four-Hour Body? How about A 4-Minute Body!! The following workouts will have you dropping your friends and flaunting dreamy beach-bod buffness almost instantly*. Here they are folks, the top fitness trends for the coming year. No more excuses; “Let's get to work!” (Thanks Jimmy K!):

*Not all results equal.

5. Indoor Cycling Gymnastics


4. Chessboxing


3. Yogasizing


2. Pole Dancing for Jesus


1. Humpilates w/ Jimmy K

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