10. Paradigm Group

Nashville, TN



From the Company

Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

Paradigm Group is an employee-benefits, retirement-services, and human-resources consulting firm.

One of our core values is work/life balance. Flexibility and support by our president to balance work- and personal-life demands make it possible for employees to pursue a healthy blend. One of his frequent sayings is, “We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously.” That attitude supports employees’ ability to manage their own schedules and fosters a spirit of fun in the office. Our schedule is flexible all year round, for whatever purpose.

A private, personal-training studio is located on the same floor as our offices. Employees may pay for memberships via payroll deduction and may work out during company time. The company provides a bountiful, healthy breakfast each Monday morning when the staff gathers for a staff meeting. The leftovers provide for snacking throughout the week.

Community participation is strongly encouraged. We participate in United Way campaigns, and contributions can be made by payroll deduction. Part of our holiday gift to clients each year is a substantial donation to the Heart Association.

Employee appreciation is for the most part informal and woven into the fabric of our work lives. The president is an extremely generous person, both materially and with praise and appreciation for good work and commitment to our clients. A huge reward is being treated like a professional with ownership and accountability for our jobs. One of our core values is “excellence,” so a high level of performance is expected, but he often will provide cash bonuses for outstanding contributions. He is also generous with opportunities—formal and informal—for professional growth and experiences. More formally, key anniversaries are recognized and celebrated in a way that is thoughtfully tailored to each person’s taste. For one ten-year anniversary, he paid for gym membership for a person who is a dedicated exerciser. For another, he purchased original art that reflects love of gardening for an avid outdoors person. Each person also gets a celebratory lunch with coworkers. The profit-sharing program is also a powerful appreciation tool.