13. USANA Health Sciences

Salt Lake City, UT



From the Company

Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

USANA Health Sciences develops and manufactures high-quality nutritional supplements, healthy weight-management products, and personal-care products, which are marketed by independent associates (distributors) in 14 international markets. With these science-based health products, USANA creates a rewarding financial opportunity for its associates, shareholders, and employees.

USANA was one of 21 Utah companies to receive a WorkLife Award in 2008 from the Utah Department of Workforce Services and the Office of Work & Family Life, in recognition of the company’s outstanding work-life balance for employees. We are willing to work with individuals’ personal needs in order to provide them with a positive work-life balance. Aside from creating a supportive and friendly work atmosphere, USANA invests a great deal in a truly unique wellness program that helps employees achieve their personal health goals.

Several departments, including our manufacturing department, are working a compressed workweek of four 10-hour days. This cuts down on our carbon footprint, saving both commute emissions and the energy costs of manufacturing on Fridays.

We have a 2,500-square-foot strengthcardio area that includes 25 strength machines, dumbbells/free weights, functional training equipment, and six cardio machines. We offer a Nintendo WiiFit and full locker room facilities. We also have an indoor basketball court/group fitness instruction area that will include yoga, aerobics, and kickboxing classes once the sound system is installed. Two personal trainers work in the gym to assist employees. Employees and their families may enjoy the facility 24 hours a day.

USANA has two community service initiatives: Kennedy Junior High (KJH) and Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF). Employees donate their time to the kids at KJH by tutoring or playing sports. Employees may buy dress-down stickers for $2, which helps buy coats for the kids at Kennedy and to the Utah Food Bank. USANA’s partnership with CHF has raised more than $9 million since 2001 from corporate, employee, and distributor donations.

USANA’s solid-waste recycling plan includes systems for recycling confidential office paper, cardboard, fiber drums, plastics, aluminum, and glass from office operations. In 2008, USANA recycled more that 34 tons of office paper, 12 tons of cardboard and nearly 3,000 fiber drums. USANA installed solar panels on its warehouse in 2008 to provide green power to its building. USANA also implemented three training modules aimed at training employees on approaches to energy conservation, solid-waste recycling and reducing office paper use. USANA has also switched over to a more cost- and energy-effective shipping line.