6. Rally Software

Boulder, CO



From the Company

Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

Rally is the leader in Agile application lifecycle management ((ALM), dedicated to making distributed development organizations faster and leaner by dramatically cutting the time, cost, and effort needed to deliver high-quality applications.

One of Rally’s core values is to “create your own reality.” Employees are not hired to fill rigid job roles, but rather are encouraged to develop as individuals. Employees are encouraged to change roles or even change departments as much as once every quarter, based on their personal or professional goals. As a result, Rally frequently has employees express a desire to build a new skill set or launch a new career path and subsequently take on a new role in the company. Some of the other practices that promote a healthy work-life balance: quarterly company celebrations such as ski days and Rockies baseball games and a fully loaded game room for breaks, complete with everything from old-school arcade games to Ping-Pong to Nintendo Wii.

Another core value at Rally is work-life balance, which means that employees are encouraged to work hard and play hard—on their own schedules. Employees have the ability to telecommute and work on adjusted schedules so they can effectively maintain balance between their personal and professional lives.

Rally employees can sign up for biking and running email lists that are used for coordinating lunchtime/after-work outings. We also have an on-site workout facility complete with locker rooms, on-site Yoga classes, and offer health-club membership reimbursement for all employees.

Rally is one of four founding members of the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, for which companies commit one percent of the company’s future profits to support local philanthropy. Rally also extends the one percent concept to its employees by allowing them to give one percent of their hours worked to support volunteer activities in the community. In 2009, Rally employees contributed a total of 2,300 hours to 90 non-profits.