Woman rides a bike with an Apple watchos 10
(Photo: Courtesy of Apple)

5 New Health and Training Features Apple Is Adding to WatchOs 10

The features include new metrics for cyclists, improved cellular access data for hikers, and mood tracking for wellness enthusiasts

Woman rides a bike with an Apple watchos 10
Courtesy of Apple
Ellen O'Brien

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Changes are coming to your Apple Watch, and they’re made with outdoor athletes in mind. At the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5, Apple unveiled its plans for watchOS 10, the most comprehensive update to the watch since its introduction in 2015. In addition to adding Smart Stack widgets, new designs, and even a face featuring Snoopy, the company announced new wellness and training features geared toward improving your physical and mental health. Here are the five you should know about before the update is available his fall.

1. The Launch of Cycling Features

If you’re a cyclist, you may often turn to your watch to track your ride. With watchOS 10, you’ll be able to sync your watch with Bluetooth-enabled bike sensors. This will allow new metrics, such as cadence and power, to appear on your watch. Apple also released a new workout view for cyclists, giving you better insights into your ride while you’re on the road.

Have trouble figuring out your Functional Threshold Power (FTP)? Now, you’ll be able to turn to your watch for that. Using a combination of your heart rate, motion data, and power, the watchOS 10 will provide personalized power zones, in addition to your FTP.

If you choose to use your iPhone on a ride, you’ll be able to have workouts from your watch automatically appear on your phone. You can also select from a variety of different views on your phone to monitor this realtime data.

2. New Compass and Map Updates for Hikers

In the new operating system, watchOS 10 will generate a “Cellular Connection Waypoint,” which will note where you last had cell service, so you’ll be able to contact friends and family. Additionally, a different waypoint will offer a spot on your hike where you can make an emergency call if needed.

When you’re out on the trail, the watch’s new map will be able to give you even more insights, including points of interest, elevation details and critical markers. Important information on nearby trails, such as their length, duration, and difficulty, will also be available through this app.

3. Data for App Developers

Motion sensors in the watch will be able to give more feedback to you. In its presentation on the changes, Apple noted that this type of feedback could help evaluate your golf swing or better your tennis serve. App developers will be able to use these new features to be able to offer more robust and personalized workouts.

4. Logging Emotions and Moods

In addition to tracking your workouts and steps, you’ll now be able to monitor your emotions and mood with watchOS 10 in the Mindfulness app. Over time, you’ll be able to see what factors may be influencing or shifting your mood on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis.

5. Taking Care of Your Vision

To combat myopia, known as nearsightedness, watchOS 10 will monitor the number of hours you spend in daylight. Researchers have found that children who spend more hours in daylight are at a lower risk for developing the condition later in life. You’ll be able to view this data in your iPhone’s Health app.

In addition to this feature on the watch, Apple will now monitor how close you are to your iPhone or iPad and provide prompts for you to move your screen further away, in order to reduce the strain on your eyes.

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Apple