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DJ Diplo’s Secret Weapon? The Mountains.

After an all-night gig playing music, Grammy Award winner Diplo recharges via long hikes

If you don’t know Diplo from his solo DJ career (he won a Grammy for best dance recording in 2018), you probably know one of his genre-bending supergroups, Major Lazer or LSD, or have listened to tracks he’s produced for big names like Beyoncé, Madonna, or Justin Bieber. As you might have guessed, Diplo is on the road a lot—playing some 300 gigs a year across the globe. And while his career is certainly glamorous, his schedule comes with huge side effects. There's the intense pressue to always put on a crowd-pleasing show, the extremely late nights, and the fact that he's often creating music in dark, indoor spaces. To balance it out, Diplo, an avid outdoorsmen who loves to hike and snowboard, seeks out wild and rugged places whenever he can. From post-gig peak scrambles to family hikes, here’s how he does it.

Every time I’m outdoors, it clears my head. It may not be an epiphany, but it’s like you’re not stuck with your thoughts. You’re just out there going as far as you can.

As a kid, I used to always go outside and just look through the dirt. I found arrowheads and stuff like that.

I love being out in the sun and being farther and farther away, climbing up mountains and getting deeper into the forest.

We live in this hyperloop. The city is full of noise. It’s full of its fast-paced lifestyle. People are always on the go. It can feel hard to get out of it. But if you can get two hours outside the city, and have a picnic or go see a lake, you’ll be better off.

Being outside is just like being on a stage to me. I find sanity and clarity in both places. You can work hard and spend time and energy as a creative person, but being outside is where I get recharged.

Get up and turn it all off. Turn off the noise. Put on your adidas TERREX Free Hikers and go walk as far as you can with your family into the woods. Just go escape.

Even if I’ve only had 15 minutes of sleep, I’ll go somewhere beautiful for a hike if I’m on the road because I don’t want to miss any opportunities to see the places I travel.

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