Whether you're climbing, running, skiing, hiking, or biking, you won't excel unless you're well rested

What do you do when you’re addicted to adrenaline but confined to a wheelchair? So much more than people expect.

The gear and advice you need to maximize your pre-work time

And you probably have it. But with a lot of work—and maybe a few therapy sessions—you can overcome it.

You're addicted to your phone. You're loaded down by useless stuff. And you eat like a teenager. No wonder you can't find the time to play outside, see the world, and get in shape. Fortunately, streamlining your life—and having more fun—is easy: just do less. Here's how.

This May, the world's first cannabis-infused gym will open in San Francisco, where members will be encouraged to integrate the plant into their pre- and post-workout regimen

What the greatest adventurers, artists, runners, and entrepreneurs prioritize throughout their day, and how to incorporate that into you life

I always felt guilty for being a late riser. Then science told me to embrace my natural sleep patterns.

Was it the time travelers, the jaguar people, or the song from Pocahontas? All I know is that, as my exploration of psychedelics grew from a few campout mushrooms to full-on ayahuasca ceremonies, I felt better than I ever had in my life.

Blood analysis! Fat burning! Centenarians and pockets full of bacon! All that, plus six more of the biggest fitness trends from this year.

A new study found that our kids are among the least fit in the world—and our unequal income distribution likely has something to do with it

Say you see an article about how chocolate can prevent aging. You want to figure out what's actually going on, so you pull up the original study. Here's how you properly read it.

A new workplace grading system from the CDC puts a high premium on offices that embrace nature and encourage workers to be active

We've all read how Google pampers its employees with sleep pods, laundry service, and four-star meals round the clock. That's nothing compared to what other companies are doing to make their employees happy.

Our list of 100 finalists showcases companies that make employee health and happiness a point of pride

American tourist Noel Santillan became an unlikely folk hero in Iceland after he entered a typo into his GPS and drove hundreds of miles out of his way. How can anyone wander so far off the mark? A growing body of research suggests that our reliance on navigational technology might be altering our brains in ways we’re only beginning to understand.

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Whether you're ​powering through a predawn workout or looking for the perfect ​sunset shot, the only way to follow your mission is to rise up every single day

For Wes Price, growing up in the church left something to be desired. He didn't find it in the four walls of a church, or through partying, so he went outside.

Planners of cities both large and small are working overtime to build the parks, trails, and bike paths to help residents be more active than ever

We took the best parts of our favorite cities and created the ultimate utopia for outdoor lovers

Studies have shown that being outside has positive psychological and physiological benefits. Can the nature cure compete with Xanax?

American churches are building first-class gyms to get followers in shape and attract new members to the flock. Critics see lucrative businesses masked as ministries, but the programs are a spirited defense against our obesity epidemic.

Health and fitness columnist Brad Stulberg shares his tips on how to ensure that an active life and city life are not mutually exclusive

A morning run or evening spin class may feel great, but if the rest of your day involves sitting on your ass, a brief burst does little for your overall well-being.

Expert interviewer Tim Ferriss has some tips

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a restless desk jockey, there are better ways to achieve your goals. Just ask 4-Hour guru Tim Ferriss, who started quizzing the world’s greatest performers on their routines as a side project—and ended up with a whole new approach to training.

Meeting up with your friends for a post-run drink could do a lot more good than you realize

Once released, the formerly incarcerated face a daunting set of challenges­—a job, a place to live, and, most urgently, breaking the cycle of bad friends and bad habits that can lead to more prison time. Now scientists and activists are asking whether nature may be essential to helping them build new lives.

Heart-rate apps bring Olympic-caliber recovery to everyone

Sure, you could stick with your old routine. Or you could break out of your rut with the help of experts and elite athletes.

Standing desks may be all the rage, but learning to properly embrace your chair is the best way to survive the workday

When it comes to slumber, quality matters just as much as quantity

Time spent in nature and participation in adventure sports is known to have a profound effect on those who struggle with ADD/ADHD. The Academy at SOAR is a boarding school in North Carolina for children with ADD/ADHD, and in this video director Joseph Geier leads students on a…

Things that make our lives easier might also be hurting us. A new class of tough designs saves the day.

21 bold ideas to help you get healthy, eat smarter, and crush your next adventure

What would happen if we treated sleep as seriously as our diet?

We loved Nature RX, Part 1, a spoof drug commercial that touted the legitimate health benefits of getting outside, when it came out earlier this year. And we're just as excited about the second installment in the series, Nature RX Part 2: Discover Your Dose of…

Take it from the world-champion surfer: there’s a right time for working, competing—and fighting for your life

All the outdoor access in the world doesn't mean much if your job keeps you chained to a desk with no time to enjoy it. So to find the best places to work in the U.S. in 2015 and 2016, we started by creating five company categories that reflect Outside's values and focus: Gear, Adventure & Travel,…

In our new series called Weekly Escape, we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in 2 minutes or less. This week, we head to Mount Rainier courtesy of the folks at Beautiful Washington. Mount Rainier is an extraordinary place, and the…

The first installment in our Weekly Escape series, Filmmaker Rob Johnson, from FilmUpHigh, created Dawn in Capel Curig as a “50-second mountain fix for anyone stuck in an office.” It sure did the trick for us.

Nature RX is a grassroots movement dedicated to entertaining and informing people about the humorous and healing aspects of getting outdoors. Nature RX, Part 1 is the first video in a three-part series that aims to bring awareness to research showing that spending more time in…

Want to continue to crush well into your 80s? Here’s how.

Becoming a dad lowers testosterone, but that doesn't mean your athleticism has to suffer.

The gear to make you (sleep) better in bed

Even if you run every morning and stand instead of sit at your desk all day, you may be dying inside

Set concrete goals, track your progress, and turn resolutions into habits.

Our test subject spends two uncomfortable weeks getting too close to everyone in his life

We sacrificed our dignity in a Zumba class, but gained a new appreciation for ostentatious exercises and Top 40

It doesn't take much to feel like you've gotten away.

No one's life is Instagram-perfect. Would we be better off sharing the mundane and unattractive parts of ourselves?

Step away from the smartphone. Gaining control over your screen time doesn't have to mean swearing off all electronics—just setting a few sane rules. Do it, and you'll be happier in the end.

These simple strategies will lift your mood, get you outdoors, and help you spend more time doing what you love.

There's no scientific evidence proving that salt therapy will make you a better athlete. But it can have some surprising health benefits that have nothing to do with the respiratory system.

What man's best friend can teach us about being content

Being in the zone. Zenning out. Whatever you call it, concentrating so deeply you don't even realize it is sublime.

Sitting is the new smoking—but the cure isn’t just more standing

Even if it means eating a bar on the bike

Cue: A sleep deficit, a Saturday morning. Reward: Fun dreams, self-awareness, less stress.

Specializing in one sport will take you only so far. To really break through, you'll need to branch out.

Surprise! You'll lose weight and end up with less screen time.

Take a random day off—it’ll work wonders for your happiness and health

A four-step plan for maximizing your productivity

But not just for the caffeine

Cue: Your iPod dock set up by the door. Reward: Serenity, more intuitive pacing.

Your bowl of oatmeal may get boring, but it’s the key to better meal choices throughout the day

Make those nebulous resolutions last by turning them into habits. The key? The right reward.

Need an alarm to wake up? Find a clock.

Something about messing up has us tiptoeing around mistakes, but embarrassment can help us get ahead by making risk-taking seem a little less risky

Nothing in this world is certain, except death, taxes, and traffic on the morning commute

I'm training for an upcoming marathon, and my company's giving out influenza vaccines the week of my race. Will the shot impact my performance?

I'm planning to spend a lot of time at the gym this winter. How do I know that mine gets a clean bill of health?

It's still possible to be what you wanted to be when you were a kid.

An eight-step plan for rebooting your career and finding a job that you love.

Five business icons share how they flipped the switch on their careers—and how you can follow in their footsteps.