Ask her anything.
Ask her anything. (Photo: Hannah McCaughey)

Our Hydration Guinea Pig Answers Your Water Questions

Our associate managing editor drank a gallon of water a day for a month. A lot of you had follow-up questions—here are her answers.

Ask her anything.

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Last fall, I embarked on a journey of hydration self-discovery. After my 30-day quest, I found that I peed far more than is reasonable, felt a lot more energized and flexible, and could happily imbibe one very specific and life-changing ultra-purified water. The story has sparked a lot of reader questions, so here I’m answering the most common ones I’ve received.

What is that life-changing “ultra-purified by reverse osmosis (plus ‘carbon polishing’ and UV sterilization)” water you speak of?
The water I drank during the test—and still drink daily—is Arctic Mountain vending-machine water, which I find at my local Sprouts grocery store. My Whole Foods has a similar reverse-osmosis machine by FreshPure; I find it to be a bit less sweet and more mineral than my beloved Arctic Mountain, but I’m absurdly sensitive and it’ll taste great to the vast majority of people.

Is there an at-home filter you’d recommend?
None that I’ve personally tried, though I’m working on convincing my editor to let me test and review some.

Did you know that if you drink too much water it can be really dangerous?
Absolutely—that’s why I sipped steadily throughout the day and used electrolyte and mineral supplements. Please hydrate responsibly

Did you know that you were photographed with a five-gallon jug instead of a one-gallon jug?
I sure did! That jug is the highly photogenic big sister of my own Enviro Products Enviro-Bottle three-gallon jug (pictured above), which I adore for its volume-to-weight portability ratio and sturdiness.

Lead Photo: Hannah McCaughey

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