What Exercises Will Make Me Good In Bed?

I'm a 31-year-old professional who sits on his butt a lot. I used to find getting into shape easy, but now es no bueno. I'm not overweight, I just can't get into an exercise routine which actually helps me get fit and buff. Can you give me advice on how to get fit enough to be rocking in the sack again?


Dear Nameless Dude,

Taking your question seriously, we contacted trainer Peter Park, who has worked with Matthew McConaughey, who was once voted People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” and whose shirtless photos could singularly hold up the entire tabloid industry. Park has two words for you: kettlebell swings.

“Kettlebell swings target the core, butt, hamstrings, hips—everything you use in the sack,” Park says. “It’s the same motion.” First, have a certified kettlebell instructor show you how it’s done, or check out the YouTube video below. “Most people want to make it a squat motion,” Park says. “But it’s supposed to be a hip hinge motion.”

When selecting your weight, start light. Park recommends 26 to 35 pounds for men and 14 to 18 pounds for women. Once you have the technique down, you can start adding weight and repetitions.

A solid kettlebell workout that will simultaneously develop the abs and stamina associated with good bedroom presentation and performance will look something like this: 12 sets of 20 swings with 20 seconds of recovery in between each set. Short, sweet, and effective. But there’s a caveat to this and any other workout performed for looks:

“You could do sit-ups until the cows come home, but for guys, unless you’re in the single-digits of body fat, you’re not going to see your abs,” Park says. So make sure you’re eating well, because 75 to 80 percent of how cut you look depends on your diet, Park says. He likes to have his clients eat a Paleo-type diet of vegetables, lean meats, and, depending on how much they’re working out, carbs.

Got time for a few more exercises? Try adding some pushups and Turkish getups (see video below) into your kettlebell routine. “You can do swings, pushups, and Turkish getups and that’s all you need to look good,” Park says.

And Godspeed!