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July/August 2023



McKayla Bower’s biggest concern: the way she’ll be welcomed—or not—in countries openly hostile to LGBTQ+ people

Even a familiar place can deliver a dose of the unexpected

Sometimes a quick brush with danger can feel almost transcendent

Nature is the ultimate source of wonder. But what is awe, really, and why is it good for us?

DiGiulian just wrote her memoir while running her own business, making movies, and chasing tough climbs. Here's how she balances it all.

A psychedelic renaissance is underway in the U.S., with an emphasis on the healing potential for depression and trauma. An Outside editor gives ketamine a test run and reports that the power is real.

We’ve all taken in the power of a big slide on social media. But there’s no substitute for the real thing.

Scientists are focusing on the power of awe, and for good reason. Experiencing it is essential for our health. Our author hit the road during California’s superbloom to figure out how our mind and bodies are transformed when we’re blown away by nature.

A paltry few Americans race the Tour de France these days—despite the fact that junior bike racing is booming on this side of the Atlantic. A new plan aims to shift America’s Tour participation into high gear.

As a young actor, his first-ever trip outside the United States opened his heart to the astonishing power of the natural world

Nothing says “I do” like a small blood sacrifice

When the actor took a suborbital rocket ride, he came down with amazing (and fearsome) insights about the previous nature of our planet

There are both healthy and harmful ways to get away from it all, psychologists point out

Serious illness gave our writer an urgent need for physical and spiritual rebirth. She found both by bonding with a unique riding breed that seems touched by Viking spirit.

It’s becoming harder to find a slice of nature all to yourself. But there are plenty of secluded sweet spots around the country if you know where to look. From national monuments and lakeshores to forests and scenic waterways, here are some stunning, uncrowded wildlands that are definitely worth exploring.

We talked to one of America’s best young writers about race and culture. The subject was an essay that helped fundamentally change our understanding of the challenges that historically marginalized people face in the outdoors.

This charming North Carolina mountain town has world-class dining, excellent beer, and plenty of mountains, rivers, and trails to explore