Outside Magazine, August 2015

The Encyclopedia of Gear


The Encyclopedia of Gear
187 amazing stories about everything we use.

The Best Little Boat in the West
How a humble wooden fishing craft became the quintessential Grand Canyon ride. By Kevin Fedarko

Runaway Inflation
Blimp-tired bicycles were developed for one of the most grueling endurance races in the world. But this is the story of how they became the hottest trend in cycling. By Nick Heil

The Founding Fathers of Fun
These innovators-in-chief changed the way we play. By Abe Streep

Birth of the Boots
The world's leading design center for outdoor footwear—everything from featherweight climbing shoes to hard-shelled mountaineering stompers—is a small city in northern Italy where craftsmanship reigns. Christopher Solomon went there to see how it's done.

Washing a single polyester jacket can send 1,900 tiny synthetic microfibers into waterways, where they can soak up toxins and get eaten by fish. So what is the outdoor industry doing about it? By Mary Catherine O'Connor

Fly Guy
What do world-famous pilots like Jeb Corliss and Joby Ogwyn have in common? They all wear suits sewn by Tony Uragallo, a garden-loving grandfather who helps daring men zoom through the sky. By Matt Higgins

The Young and the Tentless
The outdoor industry knows how to make packs lighter, jackets more waterproof, and skis burlier. The only problem: millenials couldn't care less. By Michael Roberts