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Ramp up for winter thrills with counterintuitive cross-training

These high-impact holiday gift books are packed with images that challenge perspectives—and feed dreams of global adventure

Let's be honest: Heli-skiing means blowing a significant sum—you'll typically drop at least five grand per week. Like all the finer things in life, however, it's not about the cost. It's about what you get for your money. And with more than three dozen outfitters now operating in North America, you can practically handpick the accoutrements that will make

Presenting our just-discovered Periodic Table of Outside Elements, a breakthrough in mapping the scientific building blocks of big, bad fun. We've alchemized gold, steel, titanium, wood, leather, wool, silicon, plastic, and carbon fiber into an array of 56 high-design gifts that you'll definitely want to give. And, just as important, get.

It's a 21st-century refinement of the Robinson Crusoe fantasy: Your own private island—but with none of the inconvenience and discomfort of being a castaway. From the coral reefs, talcum sand, and swaying palms of the Seychelles to nine other crowd-free island retreats, we've got the ultimate unplugged paradise for you.

Despite new reports about dangerous mercury levels in seafood and ongoing concerns about overfishing, dietitian Susan Kleiner, author of Power Eating and food guru for the NBA’s Seattle SuperSonics, still recommends five fish meals a week to her clients. Why? Because there’s high-octane goodness in every bite. Fish delivers a…

This fall, workers are finishing construction on the world’s largest tree house, set among 16 lime trees in the Alnwick Garden, a 40-acre public space 30 miles north of Newcastle, England. Hardly a glorified kiddie clubhouse, the three-story, 10,000-square-foot turreted spread will contain a 120-seat restaurant, private dining rooms, a…

After two decades in the hot seat of American TV journalism, Tom Brokaw, 64, is stepping down as the anchorman of NBC’s Nightly News on December 1. Don’t expect to find him sipping piña coladas under an oceanside palapa; he’s far more likely to be brewing cowboy coffee over a…

There was evidence, but no investigation. A crime, but no suspects. Rumors, but no one willing to point the finger. When gunmen massacred up to 20 brown bears near a Canadian grizzly researcher's Kamchatka cabin, the warning was clear: On the lawless frontier of the New Russia, outsiders are no longer welcome.

Over here in Scandinavia—where I recently moved to edit Outside Sweden—the dark winters can get you down. Enter aquavit: From the Latin aqua vitae, or “water of life,” this missing link between vodka and gin is the favored spirit of Thor’s ski-hard descendants. A tasty, caraway-flavored libation, it’s chilled and…

How do you go native on an island made of ice? Scale glaciers, strip down, and steam it off.

U.S. students have Cancún and sunburns. The British university elite have Austria and tingling buttocks.

Nine more dreamy private isles to call your own

Ready to take up the challenge of reviving the bloody old days of classic haute cuisine? Steven Rinella bites.


2005 All-Stars
Plenty of people rocked our world this year—like resilient shark-attack survivor BETHANY HAMILTON , Olympic supa-swimma MICHAEL PHELPS , valiant Iraq war photographer CHRIS ANDERSON , and (of course) LANCE , with his butt-whompingest Tour win yet. Meet the top 25 picks in our roundup of adventure heroes who stand a cut above.

If bone-white beaches, sprawling seaside villas, and daily spa treatments on your own private island fill you with giddy desire, get thee to the Seychelles, where Crusoe fantasy meets five-star reality.
By Michael Behar
PLUS: Nine more blissfully CROWD-FREE ISLANDS where you can plot a scenic escape

The Holiday Gift Guide to Gear & Style
We bring tidings of great swag! Whether you’ve got a fetish for natural materials like wool, wood, and leather, or are drawn to cutting-edge hardware in steel, titanium, and carbon fiber, we’ve got the goods for a beautiful relationship. Feeling the chemistry yet?

Canadian bear researcher Charlie Russell knew it was dangerous to set up shop in Kamchatka—a frontier of lawless poachers, ruthless kingpins, and 10,000 wild grizzlies. But when up to 20 of his animals were mysteriously slaughtered, he discovered that much more than his own life was on the line.
By Andrew Meier


TOM BROKAW talks about lighting out for Patagonia, life after NBC’s Nightly News, and how adventure kept him sane throughout a pressure-cooker career
The newest trend in second homes is raising the roof—literally. Build your very own SWANK TREE HOUSE .
EAT MORE FISH! How seafood serves up a high-protein boost. PLUS: safe and sustainable sushi recipes from New York’s Nobu restaurant.
HELI-SKI WITH THE BEST and boldest outfitters in North America, like Bella Coola Helisports. PLUS: Essential gear for your powdery prowess.
Norse mixology: DRINK LIKE A VIKING with our aquavit primer
THE WILD FILE finds out whether frozen trees really explode, IDs the oldest man-made object in space, and gets the rumbling lowdown on what earthquakes do to sea life
Get a jump on the SEASON’S GIVING with our big book roundup, including Éric Valli’s Himalaya—capturing 20 years of candid Nepal. PLUS: The 2004 Tour de France DVD is the perfect stocking stuffer for spokeheads; and more.

Our man hits Iceland to try a radical pursuit: CAVING DEEP INSIDE MOVING, MELTING GLACIERS . It’s a blast, but watch out for the poisonous CO2 and naked spelunkers named Karl.
By Mark Jenkins

When 770 students from Oxford and Cambridge descend on a small Austrian ski town to GO NUTS IN THE SNOW , there’s only one thing to say: “Behave, baby!” Inside the Brits’ wildest ski thrash.
By Tim Sohn

SHARPEN YOUR EDGE . Fine-tune your winter-sports skills by training the smart way off the slopes.