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Whether you’re planning a quick-hit escape or you want to chase powder all winter, we’ve got the ski-resort beta you need

There’s more to be gleaned from the city’s white-sand beaches than a deep tan

South African physician Tim Noakes, one of the world’s greatest sports scientists, has been preaching an ultra-low-carb, high-fat diet as the key to fitness and health. His ideas have made him a bestselling guru, but now his critics are pushing back—and as Bill Gifford reports, they’re putting his theories on trial.

The assassination of Goldman Prize-winning activist Berta Cáceres last March shocked the global community. But in her home country of Honduras, where more than 100 activists have been cut down in the past five years, it was business as usual.

For the past two decades, the website LetsRun.com has straddled the lines between gossip, investigative reporting, and hardcore training advice, angering Nike, USA Track and Field, and traditional media in the process. Charles Bethea joined them at the 2016 Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, to figure out how they’ve managed to become the most important, and controversial, outlet in competitive running.

A new generation of runners, skiers, entrepreneurs, activists, surfers, explorers, climbers, and photographers are tackling the biggest challenges on the planet—and they’re succeeding. Introducing 30 individuals—all of them under the age of 30—who are leading the way, starting with alpinist David Lama.

Our three-point proposal can keep you fit through the stuff-your-face months

New research suggests that not everyone should be eating the same foods. In fact, some athletes might benefit from these doughnuts.

American tourist Noel Santillan became an unlikely folk hero in Iceland after he entered a typo into his GPS and drove hundreds of miles out of his way. How can anyone wander so far off the mark? A growing body of research suggests that our reliance on navigational technology might be altering our brains in ways we’re only beginning to understand.

You’ll always arrive looking like you know exactly where you’re going

Thirteen fixes for the fitness junkie

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Six gifts to raise your favorite mixologist's spirits

We’ve always secretly loved garish Christmas sweaters

Land of the Lost
After an American tourist in Iceland typed what he thought was his hotel’s address into his GPS, he found himself five hours and hundreds of miles from his destination. Is our reliance on navigational devices reprogramming our brains? By David Kushner

Scandals! Liars! Cheaters! PRs!
If you want the dirt on competitive running, head to LetsRun.com. Between its avid readership and citizen journalists, the site has made a name for itself by exposing bogus records and poking Nike in the eye. By Charles Bethea

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth to Be an Environmentalist
The assassination of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres shocked the world—but not her comrades. Intimidated and threatened, shot at and hacked with machetes, they know all too well that opposing development can be fatal. By Joshua Hammer

Man Cannot Live by Bread Alone
But how about just cheese? South African sports-medicine legend Tim Noakes has been pushing an extremely low-carb, high-fat diet as the answer to keeping fit and avoiding disease. Now critics say he’s gone too far. By Bill Gifford

30 Under 30:
 From Antarctic explorers to climate activists, these are the millennials who will shape the world of adventure for the next decade and beyond. Featuring climber David Lama, waterman Kai Lenny, the Alaskan entrepre­neurs behind the Salmon Sisters, and more. 

Ski Resorts:​
It’s snowing somewhere. Right now. Time to strap on your sticks and let our annual guide point you to the freshest powder stashes, wildest kid adventures, and most headache-free weekend getaways in North America. 

In the Lead: 
Can the bacteria in your gut determine the healthiest diet for you? A sports-nutrition startup says yes.  
Active Cities: Miami, Florida.
Do It Better: The holidays can be a full-frontal assault on fitness. Our three-step plan will help you make it to January in one piece.  

2016 Holiday Gift Guide:
Perfect plunder for wanderers, fitness junkies, techies, hard-chargers, foodies, and stylish types. Plus, sweet socks, sweaters, and luggage for everyone else.


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