Outside Magazine, Feb 2015

Perfect Things

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Cold Play
Why hibernate when you could be crashing at a Rocky Mountain ski hut, building a backyard sauna, cycling around a Spanish island, swinging a battle-ax, or concocting the perfect bacon bloody mary?

The Great White Hope
Chris Fischer was just another reality-TV fisherman until he figured out how to capture big sharks alive. Now he’s pioneering a controversial formula for research that’s making him a star. By Abe Streep

The Green Heaven
You’ll want to leave your busy Western mind behind when you land in the southern Indian state of Kerala. From trekking to paddling to soaking up Ayurvedic treatments, Stephanie Pearson explores a tropical slice of nirvana.

It’s been two decades since gray wolves were reintroduced in the Northern Rockies. And while they’ve been busy breeding and hunting, the debate over their place in the landscape has only gotten more heated. By Elliott D. Woods

First Look: Mountain-bike parks are going underground—literally.
Media: Louis Psihoyos’s second eco-thriller and Jim Harrison’s raunchy new novel.
Covet: The ultimate adventure motorcycle is back.
Sport: The FIS World Championships return to Colorado.
Drink: Session beers with big flavor and low alcohol. Cheers!
Apparel: New animal-welfare standards mean your down puffy now comes guilt-free.

Recharge: Winter is the perfect time to pull the rip cord. Hit the snow in Wyoming, follow the sun to a Hawaiian yoga retreat, or reboot with a DIY adventure.
Base Camp: Montana’s rustic, luxe Ranch at Rock Creek.
Go List: Airline frequent-flier programs find a new way to screw travelers.

In the Lead: New biomechanics tech isn’t just preventing injuries—it’s predicting them.
Grooming: The traveling racer’s Dopp kit.
Doping: Is marijuana a performance-enhancing drug? Only one way to find out.
Pulse: Vitamania, the RockMyRun app, Brogamat bags, and the Outside Fitness Coach.

Cars and Trucks:
From an F-150 that sips gas to svelte electric rides from Volkswagen and Mercedes, these are the best adventure vehicles of 2015.


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