Outside Magazine, Jan 2005



Our one-month plan (and some inspiring recipes) will help you elevate your fitness goals

Travel: Seven destinations where fine food complements a taste for adventure

If you lived here, you'd be fit now! Our three high-style gyms will take you there.

Our adventure recon to Madagascar turns up virgin rivers, ivory beaches, and limitless possibilities.

THIS STRENGTH REGIMEN—designed by Los Angeles–based coach Steve Ilg, author of Total Body Transformation (Hyperion)—was built to match the groove of the Zen room. » YOU CAN ACHIEVE what Ilg calls Wholistic Fitness with this routine, which utilizes yoga blocks to create strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility. » STRUCTURE RULES:…

WHEN OLYMPIC ORGANIZERS reintroduced the old-school sport of skeleton at the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, after a 54-year hiatus, they had a hit. Skeleton, which sends competitors headfirst down icy tracks at up to 80 miles per hour, is the “moonshine of winter thrills,” as American gold-medal winner Jim…

When kayaking wunderkind Brad Ludden made the cover of Outside in August 2000, the 19-year-old Montanan was having a dream summer—winning free- style events while Kerouacking across the country in a flame- emblazoned Subaru, courtesy of kayak maker Dagger. It was as good as it got in a niche sport…

ONE GUARANTEED HOT TICKET at the Los Angeles Auto Show this January will be the North American debut of the Fetish, a $686,000 Batmobile-style roadster from French boutique carmaker Venturi that can bolt from zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds—with zero emissions. Green Fuels Special Issue Welcome to the brave…

Bring your passion for cycling inside—without trashing the carpet

As if all the hype about “natural male enhancement” weren’t enough of a challenge to men’s self-confidence, a recent study at the University of Central Florida found that ads featuring muscle-bound male models can distort men’s body images the same way rail-thin swimsuit models do women’s. Look, guys: “Fit” doesn’t…

If you were to die and go to snowboarder heaven, it might look a lot like the DC Mountain Lab, a 22-acre R&D facility and crash pad in Utah’s Wasatch Range, operated by SoCal-based DC Shoes, maker of snowboard boots, skate footwear, and board-sport apparel. Company president Ken Block, 37,…

Conflicting advice, fad diets, dire warnings about obesity and disease—it’s a nutritional wilderness out there. What your active lifestyle needs is the real meal deal, straight talk about food, health, and wellness that can power your adventures and fuel your dreams. What you need is a balanced plan for lifelong…

The National Outdoor Leadership School is great at training kids to survive and thrive in the wild. So how does its boot-camp approach work with grown-ups? It's effective as hell—if you don't mind misery and suffering, and those nagging questions about what happened to all the fun.

Fitness guru Dave Scott is intent on telling us when to eat. Why? Because ultimate performance is all about perfect nutritional timing.

A long-imagined journey to the spires of Africa marks the end of a dream—and the start of something new

They say the Himalayan hideaway of Malana is Lotusland, home to the world's highest high. But here's what they don't tell you: Getting there can mean surviving a late-winter forced march over an avalanche-choked mountain pass, and dealing with locals who treat you like a loathsome alien. Wow. Sometimes Shangri-La can really suck.

Whether your goal is more energy, a happier bod, or a competitive edge for work and play, our seven steps will change the way you think about food.


Dig into the world of delicious, nutritious eats, so you can feel great, play hard, live longer—and go for the gusto.
THE OUTSIDE GUIDE TO FOOD Seven supercharged steps to the perfect eating plan—for life.
By Paul Scott
LET’S GET THAT TO GO Delectable travel destinations for adventure and haute cuisine.
By Amy Marr
SLOW MOJO The fab new movement touting locally grown foods (and sumptuous parties!).
By Florence Williams
PLUS: Timing your dining for peak performance; recipes from a swim goddess; sizzling food trends; feasts in the wild; and more

In search of cosmic highs, a straight-laced citizen and his ragtag posse make an icy slog through the Himalayas of India to a mysterious hamlet where foreigners are treated like lepers. Welcome to Shangri-Nah!
By Kevin Fedarko

Taking a NOLS course is no vacation, but during a two-week expedition along the coast of Baja, the author learns a lot—about adventure, leadership, and the fine art of making your own fun.
By Katie Arnold


Dive headfirst into the retro-cool Olympic sport of SKELETON at three of North America’s slickest sledding courses
Dirtbag boater turned kayak megastar BRAD LUDDEN dishes on his new Cessna and his next epic: running waterfalls in—no kidding—the Midwest!
Want exotic? Head to MADAGASCAR ‘s luxury beach hideaways, limestone crags, and Class V rapids right now—before the rest of the world catches on.
The coming generation of ALT-FUEL VEHICLES showcases sexy aesthetics, dizzying speed, and enough horsepower to please any hot-rod hound
Lifestyles of the lucky: Inside the country’s sweetest SNOW-SPORTS PAD
Forget Hulk-like physiques: Here’s WHAT FIT REALLY LOOKS LIKE
THE WILD FILE catches up with the speed demon of insects, the garbage-disposal-or-landfill conundrum, and whether swimmers get sweaty
PLUS: The best new FITNESS-NUTRITION BOOKS for 2005; why the finest selection of exotic gourmet meats is found online; a postmodern chair—made with Schwinn rims!—and other BIKE-INSPIRED FURNITURE ; and more

Fire off your New Year’s fitness resolutions with our THREE PERFECT HOME GYMS . Burn it up in a classic weight-lifting loft. Cross-train like a pampered pro in a cardio-and-weights lab. Get Zen in a transcendent yoga studio. PLUS: Holistic strength conditioning and a power workout to rocket you to MAXIMUM FITNESS ; train in style with luxe tracksuits and ALL-NATURAL YOGA APPAREL ; and get a few no-tech tips on home workouts .

Our man’s UNLIKELY DREAM DESTINATION ? The rainy peaks of the war-weary Uganda-Congo border. But after notching a new line up an elusive African summit, he discovers what happens when an old fantasy gets real.
By Mark Jenkins