Outside Magazine, Jan 2015

Health & Fitness Special


A Boy and His Bonk
T.J. Murphy was a “multisport burnout” when he discovered Kokoro Camp, an extreme-fitness program run by Navy SEALs. Yet nothing prepared him for the pain.

The Perfect Beast
It’s the ultimate performance burger, with all the succulence, just as much protein, and none of the nasty arterial or climate effects of beef. But can the cheeseburger really be hacked? By Rowan Jacobsen

On Your Mark. Get Set. Slosh.
Back in the 1980s, a few drinking buddies got together to see who could chug and run the fastest. Now the beer mile—four laps, with a brew before each—is a bona fide event. By Todd Balf

The Never-Ending Ride of the World’s Greatest Surfer
Twenty-three years after his first world title, Kelly Slater is schooling kids half his age. Michael Roberts on the man who’s still pulling off insane aerials at 42.

The One-Day-a-Year Fitness Plan
Atlanta Hawks supershooter Kyle Korver has a secret weapon. It’s called misogi, and it’s a ritual of punishment and inspiration that has elevated his game. By Charles Bethea

Plus: The 10 Biggest Fitness Myths
Plenty of athletes swear by these workout prescriptions. But are they science or snake oil? Why you should skip the diets, forget about altitude training, and ditch the ice baths.

First Look: The bell rings at Utah’s Winter Sports School in Park City, America’s first sports-specific charter academy.
Media: John Vaillant’s borderlands horror story headlines a trio of great debuts.
Feud: Grizzlies are coming off the endangered list. Is that a good thing?
Rising Star: The next Shaun White is a 14-year-old girl.
Drink: American ciders reclaim their rightful place on tap.
Ski Commerce: Passes have never been cheaper. But will the deep discounts destroy your local hill?

Patagonia: Head south for stunning landscapes, ridiculous fishing, rugged trekking, roadside asados, and a 100 percent chance of adventure.
Base Camp: Private powder at British Columbia’s Island Lake Lodge. 
Go List: TripAdvisor’s expansion, the ski experts at Scout, and an Uber for everything.

Wanted: A mountaineering boot for speed freaks.
Fat Bikes: Snow season’s best supersized rides.
Winter Running: How to train through the coldest, darkest months.
Yoga: For men who still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon.


Parting Shot