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WHEN TONY KANAAN lines up for the Indianapolis 500 on May 29, chances are he’ll have one of the slowest heartbeats on the grid—and not because of overconfidence. The 30-year-old Brazilian uses triathlon training to prep for the rigors of his 200-mile-per-hour workdays. And it’s paying off. Kanaan won the…

Thirty-three years after the passage of the Clean Water Act, New York’s 315-mile Hudson River, long an icon of industrial and municipal pollution, is running clean enough that native fish species like the striped bass are boosting their numbers even in the waters off Manhattan. And they’re not alone. About…

“The only thing i can see stopping us is a medical issue, like a badly twisted leg,” says veteran polar explorer and native Minnesotan Lonnie Dupre, 44, of his plan to cross the Arctic Ocean with 33-year-old adventurer Eric Larsen this summer. “I’m thinking we have an 85 to 90…

Chris Sharma, the 24-year-old monkey boy who in 2001 introduced the world to 5.15 climbing (the sport’s hardest grade), recently cobbled together a new boulder problem, across the roof of an Ozarks cave, that some say is one of the hardest lines ever completed. While roped climbers strive for endurance…

What wil it take to break our wired children out of their virtual prisons?

RV culture goes metro

Go in search of the epicenter of summer soul and you’ll eventually wind up at Hanalei Bay, in Kauai, Hawaii. Among this tight-knit community of surfers, the days revolve around the sun, the wind, and one of the most revered waves on the planet. “Hanalei Bay is a spiritual place,”…

On the trail of lost creatures, mythic rivers, and vanishing giants in Tasmania's wild—and final—frontier

Though they lie just 27 miles off the coast of San Francisco, the ragged, desolate Farallon Islands are home to the thousands of sea lions and seals that make good eating for one of the world’s largest concentrations of great white sharks. In The Devil’s Teeth: A True Story of…

The unsinkable James Cameron on life after Titanic, how films fuel exploration, and the next great adventure epic

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Fl Little Palm Island FLY IN, BOAT OUT: Little Palm from your taxi window This 28-bungalow retreat is as off the grid as it gets—120 watery miles south of Miami, accessible only by boat or floatplane. Snorkel and kayak off white beaches, or…

Back when the world was perfect and I was a kid, I spent my summers in bare feet and a wet bathing suit on an island on Stony Lake, in southern Ontario. Like everyone else who lived on the hundred or so neighboring islands, my family left our car in…

LEFT: From left, Maui surfer Victoria Praver wears a bikini ($78) by OAKLEY and halter top ($42) by JET. Hawaii surf-film maker Mike McClellan wears boardshorts ($54) by RIP CURL and shirt ($60) by POLO JEANS CO. RALPH LAUREN. On Blake, boardshorts ($45) by PATAGONIA. On Ryan, boardshorts ($56) by…

Three months of pure freedom. You're loving it—and we are, too. From big water to big walls, from oyster stands to dune shacks, fifty-one sunny ways to dive in when the mercury rises.

Embrace the summer sun with an intelligent skin-protection strategy

A shamelessly hedonistic celebration of the movies that feed our fantasies, explore the DNA of adventure and wild fun, and nourish our rambling, freewheeling, risk-loving souls

Protect your baby blues with sunglasses designed for a summer's worth of action and adventure

Climb aboard for the ultimate ride with the ultimate boat buddy: Martin Litton, the Colorado River legend and conservation warrior who, as much as any other single person, shaped the Grand Canyon float trip into an American classic

In the name of science, a veteran skier braves darkness, claustrophobia, and deadly cold to find out what it's like to be trapped under the snow


So much to do, only three sun-drenched months to do it. Let us help. We start by pinpointing the best surf towns and sweetest waterfront resorts, then lay out the coolest mountain-bike ride, tastiest barbecue recipe, and 50 more ways to make the season sizzle.
PLUS: Bill Vaughn’s ode to the rope swing; Randy Wayne White’s favorite beach; Katie Arnold on island life; and more.

Running the most famous stretch of the Colorado River is a thrill under any circumstances, but few have experienced it in a classic Grand Canyon dory with legendary oarsman Martin Litton shouting the commands. All aboard for the ride of a lifetime.
By Kevin Fedarko

Portraits from Surfing’s Invincible Underground
Hawaii’s idyllic Hanalei Bay, on the island of Kauai, is home to many of the most talented wave riders on the planet, including three-time world champ Andy Irons and Laird Hamilton’s dad.
Photographs by Robert Maxwell
Text by Mark Anders

There’s nothing like a great adventure, especially when it comes with a cold soda, cool A/C, and popcorn. Join our armchair expedition through Hollywood’s most exciting tales, from sea to summit and back. PLUS: This summer’s hot releases; an inspired conversation with director James Cameron; and more.


» WORLD’S HARDEST BOULDER PROBLEM? Chris Sharma’s superhuman climbing feat across the roof of an Arkansas cave.

» SWIM, BIKE, RUN…DRIVE? Indy racer Tony Kanaan trains for triathlons so he can drive like an iron man. And he’s not alone.

» QUEST FOR SLUSH: Lonnie Dupre and Eric Larsen plan to defy conventional wisdom and thin ice by trekking across the North Pole in the summertime.

» In BOOKS : what will it take to break our wired children out of their virtual prisons?

» Whoever said you can’t SWIM IN THE HUDSON hasn’t seen the blueprint for Beacon, New York’s floating river pool.

» For road-trippers seeking stylish comfort, A NEW BREED OF RV rules the range like the pup tent and Motel 6 never could.

» Avalanche science gets a boost from a dedicated skier who allows herself to be BURIED ALIVE .

» While researching the shark tale The Devil’s Teeth, Susan Casey lost a yacht and went unsanctioned to California’s protected FARALLON ISLANDS . We catch up with her on the eve of publication.

» THE WILD FILE ponders a fly’s homing instinct, how your skeleton forms, which critter can pack away the most grub, and more.

Wrinkles may work for Redford and Eastwood, but you, punk? You should wise up and get your smear on with six of the latest, most protective high-tech SUNSCREENS. Here’s all you need to know about safely maximizing your time in the ‘shine.
PLUS: Herbally amped coffee, good news for lefties, and more.

Post Top Gun aviators, Lenny Kravitz inspired wraps, and other SWEET SHADES from Smith, Oakley, Bollé, Kaenon, and Spy so chic, you’ll wear them at night.

With the big boom in adventure travel, TASMANIA could become the next must-go island wonderland. So why are the tallest hardwood trees on earth being clear-cut there? Our man hits the trail to find the answer.
By Mark Jenkins