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A book about cycling and bike culture presents findings from a study about the social behaviors of cyclists in an entertaining way

A new study says that Ibuprofen can help prevent mountain climbers from getting altitude sickness

The surprising psychological benefits of working out

Why a Bay Area gym has ­become a destination for the world’s top athletes

Nine Sonoma professionals model the season's top looks

Ignore what you've been told: Summer is the time to try something new

We all hate that guy—the one who shatters your outdoor serenity by watching iPad movies on the beach and texting from a chairlift. Well, Montana-based novelist and technophile WALTER KIRN is that guy, and he says you’re missing out.

A full-flavored plant-only feast for ultra-distance athletes

When DON WATERS finally read the unpublished memoir given to him by his late father—an absentee figure he grew up resenting— he was shocked to learn that the old man hung with Greg Noll during surfing’s golden age in California. Sounds like grounds for a quest.

The jury is still out on dosage guidelines for nitrates and beta-alanine, but here are recommendations from two top nutritionists

Endurance athletes have been chasing a natural oxygen boost for decades. The answer may be as simple as eating your vegetables.

Dare to live a moral life—and encourage your kids to do the same—but remember that moral decisions aren't always clear-cut

Stacey Peralta's latest documentary—and three other new films—prove that blockbuster season can be smart

For 24 years, from 1986 until 2010, there were no mortal encounters with grizzlies in Yellowstone National Park. But four deadly incidents over the past two summers have hikers on edge, reigniting the fierce debate over bear management.

The Quidditch World Cup sounds dorky, and make no mistake: it is. But these sorcery-loving Harry Potter fans play pretty rough, as Eric Hansen found out when he captained a bad-news team of ex-athletes, ultimate Frisbee studs, slobs, drunks, and some people he knows from Iceland. Brooms up, and may the best Muggles win.

Things have gotten crazy violent in the dark, dense forests of California’s Mendocino County, where pot growers from Mexico run elaborate plantations they’ll defend to the death. Damon Tabor saddles up with Sheriff Tom Allman, head of a helicopter-riding, rifle-toting paramilitary strike force determined to take back the woods.

Expecto absurdum!
The brooms don’t fly, and the snitch is a tennis ball in a sock, but don’t be fooled—the Quidditch World Cup would make Harry Potter proud (or, more likely, cringe). Eric Hansen takes 13 Muggles to the pitch in New York City, and, at the cost of a few emergency room visits, finds glory. 

Facebook updates from the trail. Tweets from the summit. iPad movies on the beach. Novelist Walter Kirn does it all, and he’s here to tell you that, despite what you may think, technology can enhance our wilderness experiences.

An hour and a half north of San Francisco, the small town of Healdsburg offers world-class dining, a top-tier bar scene, and endless cycling opportunities. Six athlete-foodies give the lowdown on California wine country’s lesser-known gem. By Michael Roberts

Before Don Waters’s estranged father died, he sent his son an unpublished memoir filled with tales of a youth spent riding waves. Let’s call it a road map to discovering the man he never knew.  

It’s Northern California’s biggest cash crop—even if it is mostly illegal. Damon Tabor goes on a night raid in the marijuana capital of the U.S. to expose a deadly new trend: massive pot farms on public lands. 

Breaking the Rules of Summer: 
Warmer days mean lazy beach outings, fireflies, and homemade lemonade. Or not. How about renegade bike races, deep-fried Twinkies, and craft beer from a can? Yeah, that’s more like it. Plus: Summer’s hottest films, and surfing’s comeback queen.

There are 13 weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day. To ensure you don’t waste a single one, here are 11 trips, from sea kayaking in Georgia to mountain biking in Washington. Plus: The best outdoor music festivals.

Tools of Summer:
Gear caches for SUP rippers, light-and-fast hikers, canoe campers, and backyard gourmands. Our activity-specific picks will help you make the most of the season. 

In the Lead:
America’s top runners are chugging gallons of (gag) beet juice.
Increase your mobility and unlock your potential.
Happiness is a long run, the sociology of bike culture, and another reason to pop ibuprofen.
A protein-rich, vegan burger even carnivores will love. 


How does Marc Peruzzi teach his kids to think for themselves? With a family outing of illegal bridge-jumping, of course. And that’s just the start of it. 

A couple of half-eaten hikers turn up in Wyoming. Have grizzly bears developed a taste for human flesh? Jeff Hull investigates the real reason attacks are on the rise.