Outside Magazine, June 2015

Weekend Escapes


Forever Alive, Forever Forward
Not since Into the Wild's Chris McCandless has a disappearance in Alaska resonated so far. Fran├žois Guenot, who vanished last summer, was more than just another lost soul. By Brendan Borrell

The New Adventure Library
In the age of GoPro, viral video, and blockbuster documentaries, the best stories aren't just on paper anymore. Our (totally subjective) ranking assembles the millennium's new classics. By Abe Streep

The Piscivore's Dilemma
Wild or farmed? Caught on a hook or with a net? As ocean stocks plummet, the question of which fish belong on our plates is more confusing than ever. By Tim Zimmermann

Rory Go Lightly
Ultrarunner Rory Bosio doesn't really train. She hikes, she hula-hoops, she walks her dog… And she's dominating. By Nick Heil

Style Special
Miami's triathletes, paddlers, and mountain bikers bring the heat in this surprising adventure mecca. By Meaghen Brown

First Look: 
Why Chris Davenport, who this month wraps up a nine-year project to ski the highest 100 peaks in Colorado, is the best athlete you've never heard of.
Covet: Updates of classic kicks.
Media: Climbers take on American Ninja Warrior.
Drink: Mexico's craft-beer scene is en fuego.
Feuds: Hikers are resorting to sabotage in their fight with mountain bikers over trail access.

Weekend Escapes: 
Beat the heat this summer and head for fresh climbing, mountain-biking, and chill-out spots within easy driving distance of New York City, Atlanta, and six other sweltering burgs.
Adventure Hub: Getting high in Leadville, Colorado.

Performance Nutrition: 
It's just lunch, right? Not so fast. What and when you eat can mean the difference between optimum fuel and food coma. In the second installment of our three-part series, eight athletes make the most of the trickiest meal of the day.

A laid-back cruiser board.
Spectrum: Running shoes for quick sprints and long miles.
Road Bikes: We tested 70, from hand-built racers to knobby-tired SUVs. The best will surprise you.


Parting Shot