Outside Magazine, June 2018



Stay nimble and beat stress while you’re on your next business trip

Race whips and downhill bangers are getting stabler and more capable

It's the most powerful conservation tool in the world—and it needs to be updated

She helped the Navy, the White House, and the entire federal government become more eco-friendly. Now Kate Brandt is tackling her most ambitious sustainability project yet.

It doesn’t always tell the full story. Independent testers have arrived to fill in the gaps.

Don't ride on empty. Eat something that’s good enough to feed the pros.

After a season of testing, these eight came out on top

Clothes and tools for toiling at the ranch, on the trail, or in your backyard

The pro runner suffered an injury in the middle of the Olympics. Here's how she plotted her comeback.

From miles out in the storm-ravaged Chesapeake Bay, the Tangier Island crab boat radioed a mayday, then fell silent. Fellow skippers from this lonely and legendary speck of land rallied to save the two-man crew. God willing, they'd get there in time.

Disappear into these five nonfiction beach reads

Warm weather has officially arrived, and we’ve got your plan: the most stunning beaches for surfing, casting, lounging, and exploring

A four-year battle over a tiny patch of river beach in Northern California—between two middle-aged guys with way too much time on their hands—illustrates the deep divide in how we perceive access rights to public lands

The world’s best bike racer is a woman: Vos, a 31-year-old Dutch superstar with more than 300 podium finishes. She’s also an activist, taking on the fight against gender inequality in a sport whose future has to involve knocking down a few doors.


The Sea Is Come Up: When a damaged crab boat and its father-and-son crew sailed into a violent storm in the Chesapeake Bay, the isolated Virginia community of Tangier Island swung into action. Could they get there in time? —Earl Swift

Style: Go wherever the road may take you with these essen­tials for spontaneous adventure.

Like a Boss: Marianne Vos is one of the greatest racers to ever pedal a bike. But it took physical burnout for the Dutch hero to find her voice as an activist. Now she’s back in the peloton while demanding that pro cycling confront its gender inequality. —Kim Cross

This Sand Is Your Sand: Or is it? On the banks of California’s Russian River, a cold war has erupted among neighbors and boaters over private beach access. Chris Colin launches his own vessel in a battle of hidden cameras, ex-hippies, inner tubes, and civil diso​bedience.

Rattled: Kyle Dickman is an experienced out­doorsman who has taken on wildland fires and Class V whitewater with the belief that things usually work out fine. But after nearly dying from a rattlesnake bite on a family hike with his infant son, the new father saw menace everywhere he looked.


Big Idea

The Endangered Species Act’s Midlife Crisis: Born in 1973, the landmark law is desperate for help. Are we willing to give it? —Peter S. Alagona

The Outsider

Kate Brandt: The nation’s former chief sustainability officer is on a quest to make Google green.


Portfolio: Ilona Szwarc captures the quiet confidence of Texas’s junior-rodeo cowgirls.


Beaches: For your perfect summer, we present North America’s most idyllic spots for sandy ­adventures, from empty Baja to—yes—­Arkansas.


Oceanside Reading: The season’s hottest page-turners.


Mountain Bikes: Rock-solid rides for every trail.

Trail Running Shoes: Mud, scree, or hardpack—these kicks love the dirt.

Workwear: Rough-and-ready layers.


Nutrition: What’s in your supplements? The FDA only spot-checks our daily pills, so independent labs are stepping in.

Fuel: A delicious high-protein recovery “crepe.”

Habits: How Olympic runner Abbey D’Agostino came back from a devastating injury.

Laird’s Laws: Add the surfer’s go-to stretching and breathing routine to your travel itinerary.