Outside Magazine, Mar 2014

Thirteen ways to love getting in shape



New books to reach for, whether you're of the mind that everything is going to be okay, or that everything is terrible all the time

This year, go beyond Daytona Beach to surf Puerto Rico, fish the Bahamas, or explore an Ecuadorean rainforest. (Don't worry, skiers—there's neck-deep powder here for you, too.)

The springs inside this sole could make you a faster runner

Jeans that play as nice as they look

Sanborn Canoe's paddles are so pretty, we almost don't want to get them wet.

A Frenchman plans to swim across the Pacific Ocean. Yes, that's as crazy as it sounds.

Our test subject spends two uncomfortable weeks getting too close to everyone in his life

We sacrificed our dignity in a Zumba class, but gained a new appreciation for ostentatious exercises and Top 40

It doesn't take much to feel like you've gotten away.

No one's life is Instagram-perfect. Would we be better off sharing the mundane and unattractive parts of ourselves?

Step away from the smartphone. Gaining control over your screen time doesn't have to mean swearing off all electronics—just setting a few sane rules. Do it, and you'll be happier in the end.

These simple strategies will lift your mood, get you outdoors, and help you spend more time doing what you love.

It's called the Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning machine, and it looks like a sci-fi egg from outer space. In theory it one-ups standard hypobaric chambers by giving users greater aerobic gains in a fraction of the time. Is CVAC crackpot pseudoscience? Or an important new discovery that could change the way you train?

That's how Mark Twain defined a gold miner. But when our writer heard head-spinning treasure tales from a legendary prospector named Flint Carter, he organized a full-scale expedition into the mountains near Tucson, Arizona. Following a hand-drawn map, the team lit out for the harsh Sonoran Desert hopped up on gold fever in search of the fabled Lost City.

What man's best friend can teach us about being content

Liability lawyer and former professional bike racer Megan Hottman spends her working hours representing cyclists who've been injured by reckless drivers. She spends her leisure time riding and telling people what they don't always want to hear: in the perpetual, complicated conflict between two wheels and four, bike riders are part of the problem, and they have to be a big part of the solution.

A new generation of portable cameras let you shoot like a pro, and two superior quadcopters give you better aerial video

Stephanie Gilmore was a world-champion surfer when a brutal attack by a stranger nearly ended her career. Now she's back on top, with a sixth world title, and reveals how she found happiness again—in the most unexpected places.

Barely-there shells for all kinds of conditions

Being in the zone. Zenning out. Whatever you call it, concentrating so deeply you don't even realize it is sublime.

Because no one podiums at noon or tags a summit at dusk without a proper first meal.

It's time for their doors to be shut once and for all

The Ebola virus has devastated a tiny corner of West Africa, but the entire continent is feeling the fallout

An intelligent electric hub lets you go farther

Dallas Seavey is the latest in an esteemed bloodline of Iditarod champs. Since 2012, he's won the race twice and set records as the race's youngest and fastest. This year's goal? Out-mush dad.

Is the heightened state of consciousness a chemical reaction or something more ineffable?

How the high price of down is changing the insulation market

Get that extra edge with the best knives and multitools

The biggest trend in American microbrewing is hangover-free, adventure-friendly sake. Kanpai!

Twenty-seven years ago, David Ewing Duncan wrote a magazine article about a secret tropical gem called Belize, inspiring a wave of adventure travelers that changed the tiny country forever. Braced for a few stabs of guilt, he went back with his son and found that paradise was different, but not completely lost.

How a Mormon kid from Utah cracked the code for producing adventure videos you can't stop sharing.

Camera-equipped flying robots have quickly become a ­staple of the ­adventure world, filming first ascents and nailing poachers. But that’s just the beginning. As Eric Hansen found out during a cross-country test drive, affordable consumer drones will revolutionize how we experience the outdoors.

Questionable use of wearable cams is causing a surge in accidents

Search the web for Dean Reinke and you’ll soon be scrolling through a rap sheet of consumer complaints about how he and his for-profit road-race company, USRA Half Marathon, do business. Is he a fraud who has stayed one step ahead of the law, or an upstanding man who’s been slimed by his enemies?

The team behind Google Street View is going off-road, and they're turning to you for help

You don’t need a resort to bound through the snow

Raising money once a year is great. So is pushing yourself to the limit. But today's racing culture is all about the fun.

Plenty of races forgo the clock, but few are more fun than the European cycling tradition that’s blowing up ­stateside

Underground, unsanctioned races are about as elusive as secret New York City parties. These simple steps you put you in the know.

From fat biking and snowshoe racing to winter trail running, there has never been more opportunity—or more variety—for competing on snow. Here's how to thrive when the mercury drops.

Why you don’t need a PH.D. in fitness

You don't need a gym membership to be ready for race season

Easy gear upgrades to get you race-ready without mortgaging the house

It's impossible to not have fun racing in a fat Elvis suit, no matter how painful the last mile is.

You don't need a fancy kit to make it to the finish line.

A growing list of apps and tracking units allows you to challenge riding buddies and strangers alike.

To stay properly fueled match your carb intake to your activity level, focus on quality, and consider what time of day you eat certain meals.

Finally, more events are offering child-care options for active parents.

Not long ago, 50- and 100-mile footraces seemed beyond the reach of human endurance. Now they’re de rigueur for amateur athletes looking to test themselves.


2014 Race Report: Ready, Set, Go Nuts!
You don’t need a Ph.D. in fancy gear. You don’t even have to pay an entry fee. To join the boom in weekend racing, just head to the start line and let the competition begin. Plus: Meals and fitness plans to help you finish first.

A Boy and His Drone
They’re monitoring ice flow in the Arctic, mapping the Matterhorn—and maybe one day delivering our pizzas. But are we ready for buzzing aerial robots to invade our everyday adventures? Eric Hansen investigates.

Blood in the Sand
I ruined Belize. That’s what David Ewing Duncan believed after writing on of the first travel stories to lure tourists to the country’s untrammeled coast. But when he finally returned, he discovered that paradise was not entirely lost.

Viral Nova
With 1.7 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Utah entrepreneur Devin Graham has discovered the formula for Internet gold: Rig up a rope swing, corral some sponsors, roll cameras, and share, share, share. By Grayson Schaffer

Take the Money and Run
He’s either the biggest con man in race-organizing history or a businessman who’s been viciously maligned. Either way, Dean Reinke has pissed off city councils, the Better Business Bureau, and countless would-be competitors. By Gordy Megroz

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With the World Cup and the Olympics coming to town, there’s no spot hotter than Rio. Happily for us, Brazil is also an adventure hub. Our team of local experts offers the insider’s guide to doing it right.

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