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Love playing on our public lands? It's time to help pay for them.

Whether you spend most of your drive time navigating urban streets or powering through rugged dirt, 2017's standout rides are all-access passes to wild adventure

For decades, hydrogen has been considered the next big fuel source for vehicles. It’s taking time to gain traction, but hydrogen might very well be the future.

You're addicted to your phone. You're loaded down by useless stuff. And you eat like a teenager. No wonder you can't find the time to play outside, see the world, and get in shape. Fortunately, streamlining your life—and having more fun—is easy: just do less. Here's how.

This May, the world's first cannabis-infused gym will open in San Francisco, where members will be encouraged to integrate the plant into their pre- and post-workout regimen

The women's U.S. cross-country ski team has always been second-tier, but that's changing thanks largely to Alaskan nordic star Kikkan Randall, a pink-haired skate-skiing powerhouse who trains harder than anyone on the planet—and has everybody else following her lead.

The most perilous road in America gets 300 inches of snow a year, features 70 named avalanche paths, and has almost no guardrails. Who would be crazy enough to keep Colorado's infamous Highway 550 clear in winter? Leath Tonino hopped into the cab of a Mack snowplow truck to find out.

The world's greatest dog sanctuary is on a small farm in Costa Rica, where hundreds of canines run wild over the land—eating huge piles of food and slobbering happily on Lya Battle and her small band of dedicated volunteers.

Your gels and powders and loaded with sugar, which doesn't have to be a bad thing. Here are the sugars to avoid and the ones that are OK.

Or so it seems. The 24-year-old from Hawaii is a multiple-time world champion of stand-up paddling, a dominant wind- and kitesurfer, and one of the most fearless big-wave riders on the planet. His combination of talents would seem impossible if he didn’t make it all look so easy.

From slipping a surf session into a business trip to hiring a photographer to capture your vacation, here are a couple ways to get more out of your travel

The days may be getting longer, but weekends are few, and there are many adventures to cram in. So follow the lead of ambitious mountain towners across the West and put it all together into a multisport sufferfest.

Ski endless untouched powder from an artful lodge on the island’s remote upper coast

Adventure-wear brands are trying something new: letting customers decide what goes to market

Two new books break down how sugar is killing us—and who is to blame

Utah Skier Aaron Rice set out to break a world record for skiing uphill. In December, 2.5 million vertical feet later, he broke it. Along the way, he learned a few things about setting an ambitious goal and staying motivated.

It has never been easier to beat the midwinter doldrums than with these eight warm-weather escapes

Outdoor apparel manufacturers are helping to revive this once dying industry


Less Is More: Streamlining your life and having more fun is easy: just do less
Kai Lenny Walks on Water: The 24-year-old from Hawaii is a multiple-time World Champion of stand-up paddling, a dominant wind and kitesurfer, and one of the most fearless big-wave riders on the planet.
Keep Your Hands on the Wheel and Don't Look Down: The most perilous road in America gets 300 inches of snow a year, features 70 named avalanche paths, and has almost no guardrails. Who would be crazy enough to keep Colorado's infamous Highway 550 clear in winter?
The Kikkan Effect: This pink-haired powerhouse is changing the world of cross-country skiing. 


First Look: The performance fabric of the future is wool—and American sheep ranchers are reaping the benefits.
Big idea: For the sake of our public lands, it's time to pay to play.
Icon: Wingsuiter, BASE jumper, and action figure Jeb Corliss has redefined human flight. 
Gear: Crowdfunded T-shirts, hiking boots and more.


Warm-Weather Escapes: Midwinter survival requires a short hop to sunnier climes, whether you're kayaking Cuba's wild side or counting frigate birds on a lonely Barbados beach.
Base Camp: Merging heli-skiing, salmon fishing, and high style in Iceland's rugged north


Cars and Trucks: From Jeep's rugged Trailhawk to BMW's hybrid 330e, the best adventure rides of 2017 will surprise you with their ingenuity and oomph. Plus: rooftop tents, hydrogen power, and how to win at #vanlife. 


In the Lead: Two new books take aim at sugar.
Fuel: Your body on sucrose, glucose, and fructose.
Performance Enhancer: How backcountry skier Aaron Rice skinned up 2.5 million vertical feet.
Fitness: The world's first cannabis gym is opening in San Francisco. 


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