Outside Magazine, March 2018


Work Smart 2018

Rethink Your Commute: A new tribe of digital nomads are trading cubicles for cabanas and suits for swimwear. Alice Gregory joins a band of untethered teleworkers to see if a Balinese villa and WiFi equal paradise. —Alice Gregory

Get Schooled: For tomorrow’s gear makers, it’s not enough to create a bestselling puffy. Utah State University’s outdoor-product design program is teaching students to lead the industry. —Axie Navas

Make Yourself Useful: Surfer Jon Rose found his purpose in Indonesia after the 2009 tsunami: bringing clean water to natural-disaster victims. Last fall his nonprofit Waves for Water brought its brand of guerrilla humanitarianism to Puerto Rico. —Andrew S. Lewis

Hustle Your Side Gig: Lauren Fleshman wears many hats—runner, blogger, book publisher, Picky Bars founder, coach. Oh, and she just had her second kid. With the help of Side Hustle School podcaster Chris Guillebeau, Kate Siber unpacks how she juggles it all. —Kate Siber

Conjure Up a Storm: “If a big tech company puts out a piece of crap, I’ll call them on it.” So says Ray Maker, a.k.a. DC Rainmaker, a computer programmer who carved out a kingdom as the most influential reviewer in wearable tech. —Andrew Tilin

Change the Culture: Sexual harassment doesn’t just happen in big corporations. The seemingly laid-back world of commercial guiding is rife with abuses. Krista Langlois reports. —Krista Langlois

Step Outside the Box: What makes a healthy office? Wellness-minded architects are designing spaces that go way beyond LEED certification. —Tom Vanderbilt


Big Idea

Bring the Parks to the People: If we really care about public lands, we need to focus just as much attention on urban spaces as we do on wild landscapes. —Glenn Nelson

The Outsider

Margo Hayes: The 20-year-old made climbing history when she became the first woman to send a 5.15 route. We talked with her on the heels of her film Break On Through.


Monuments: With Bears Ears and other protected tracts under assault, the time to explore these recreation meccas is now.

Journeys: India is ablaze with adventure, and we have the best ways to surf, cycle, eat, and meditate your way across it.


Watches: Time for titanium.


Performance: At $33 a pop, are ketone superdrinks really the key to endurance?

Grooming: Subscription shaving kits for taming your winter scruff.

Fuel: Flatbread pizza as recovery fuel? Count us in.

Mobility: It’s not enough to do static stretches at home. What you need is a flexologist.


Wilderness Films: A post-Revenant survival renaissance in Hollywood. Plus: Oscar picks with outdoor cred.


Portfolio: Corey Arnold documents a community under threat in Alaska’s Bristol Bay.


Bespoke Gear: Customizable bikes, packs, boots, and wetsuits, made just the way you like them.

Blades: Knives forged by master cutlers.

Layering: The right kit for all-of-the-above spring weather.