Outside Magazine, March/April 2019



Our Love Is Like a Ship on the Ocean: Can a relationship survive a grand adventure? That’s a question neither partner thought to ask when She got the bright idea to refit an old sailboat while He was dreaming of life on the range. A dueling he-said-she-said tale of a voyage on the rocks. —Claire Antoszewski and Will Grant

Grand Theft Monument: In 2017, the Trump administration announced that it was shrinking Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument by nearly 50 percent. Leath Tonino devised a sketchy 200-mile solo desert trek, following the path of the legendary cartographer who literally put these contentious Utah canyons on the map.

Steal the Thunder: Indian relay is a chaotic horse-racing event in which teams, riding bareback, run multiple laps around a track in a storm of dust and noise. For the Brew Crew—a struggling group from Pine Ridge, South Dakota—the event can also be a way to earn glory and transcendence amid the grim challenges of modern reservation life. —Will Bardenwerper

Running Through the Fear: In the wake of a bizarre physical attack and the death of her father, ultrarunner Katie Arnold felt paralyzed by the anxieties of parenthood and being a woman alone in the wilderness. She got through it the same way she’d always done, by lacing up and hitting the trail. An exclusive excerpt from her new memoir, Running Home.


Big Idea

Backcountry Avalanche Control: It’s high time we made America’s prime off-piste skiing and snowboarding terrain more accessible. —Marc Peruzzi

The Outsider

Barry Lopez: Horizon is the crowning achievement of a writer whose eyes never stray from the long view.


Portfolio: Polish photographer Piotr Drzastwa plumbs endless powder in Hokkaido, Japan.


Best Trips 2019: 15 countries, 16 states, 33 adventures. Your bucket list just got a whole lot longer.


Road Running Shoes: From plush to minimal, all with plenty of kick.

Women’s Running Kit: A spring getup that won’t weigh you down.

Road Bikes: High-performance machines for asphalt, gravel, and dirt.

Road Trippers: What’ll it be—tricked-out camper van or clever teardrop trailer?


Recovery: Connective tissue is notoriously slow to heal. Does Jell-O hold the secret?

Laird’s Laws: How to defend your body against injury.

Training: You might not be a gymnast, but you should steal their moves to increase flexibility and strength.

Wellness: The latest fitness tech promises to track your body’s fat and muscle over time.