Outside Magazine, May 2016

The National Parks One Hundredth Year


National Parks Centennial Special: 100 reasons to love the parks (and a few things we'd improve)

Now Your Ten-Year-Old Gets in Free
The Every Kid in a Park initiative aims to tear America's fourth-graders away from their screens and immerse them in nature's wonders. Can rangers and wild critters compete with Justin Bieber? By Mike Kessler

They Don't Need Your Misty-Eyed Reverence
The parks are not your cathedrals, they're not shrines or sanctuaries or any other bogus cliché you might be tempted to trot out. So when you gaze up at those ecclesiastical sunbeams, writes Ian Frazier, keep the pontificating to yourself.

No Amount of Traffic or Instagrammers or Drunks Can Take the Magic Out of (Semi-)Wilderness
What better place for your first family camping trip than Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with the fall leaves popping and millions of visitors filling the parklands with RV exhaust and all-night beer busts? Wells Tower and his wife pack up their infant and join the throngs.

Some Parks Are Empty. And We Mean Empty.
Scattered over three tropical islands, American Samoa is the second-smallest national park, the second least visited, and one of the most remote. That made it irresistible to a surfer hunting for uncarved waves and South Seas adventure. By Matt Skenazy

Special Report: The Keyhole Seven
How responsible should our national parks be for keeping visitors safe? That was the question raised last September in Utah's Zion, when a flash flood swept away a group of canyoneers in the deadliest accident in the park's history. By Grayson Schaffer

Nothing Inspires Us More
Alaska Is Essentially One Big Park—And It's Our Very Best
You Can Drink Them
Their Glory Is Available On Demand
They Have Their Own Gruesome Book Series
There’s an Oasis in One of the Harshest Places on Earth
Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge Redefines the Hotel Shuttle
They're Even More Amazing from Above
They Are Training Grounds for Risky Rescues
We Love a Good Soak
Most People Disappear When the Snow Arrives
Even the Private Sector Wants Them to Thrive
You Can Hang Them on Your Wall
You Don’t Have to Be Dr. Evil to Stay in a Volcano Lair
They Look Great on Screen
You Get a Little Quiet Along with Your Peace
Seeing Them All Isn't as Hard as You Think
They're Monumental!
The Majestic Yosemite Will Always Be the Ahwahnee to Us
Our Underground Parks Might Be Our Wildest
They’re Full of Mysteries

You Can Go Way, Way Beyond the Scenic Loop:
Eight fresh adventures

You Can Make It as Hard as You Like
: Six fitness challenges

The Next Pioneers
José González on getting Latinos outdoors
Kerry Gallivan on reinventing the guidebook
Alex Warneke on upping the parks' social-media game
Alyssa Ravasio on revolutionizing how we camp
Reed Schneider on building bridges between nature and kids

The Complete Kit for…
Chasing Steelhead in Olympic
Cragging Yosemite
Weekends in Acadia
Cruising Redwood

The Work Ahead
Can't We All Just Get Along?
Our Most Imperiled Park
The Joshua Tree May Force Us to Address Climate Change
Five Places that Need Protection