Outside Magazine, May 2020


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Camping Has Been Upgraded: Booking apps! Luxury tents! Tricked-out Sprinter vans! If you hadn’t noticed, life under the stars has never been better—or easier. Here’s your up-to-date primer on the ultimate weekend getaway.

On the Grid: In an era dominated by online shopping, dubious influencer endorsements, and trendy direct-to-consumer gear, it’s harder than ever to know who to trust. Jenny Gyllander of the Instagram account @thingtesting is here to cut through the noise. —Leah Prinzivalli

A Layer of Grit: The military’s toughest training challenges have a lot in common with outdoor sufferfests like the Barkley Marathons and the Leadville Trail 100: you have to be fit and motivated to make the starting line, but your mind and spirit are what carry you to the end. In an exclusive look inside Army Ranger School, graduate Will Bardenwerper breaks down an ordeal that shapes some of the nation’s finest soldiers.

Youtopia: Nestled in Chattahoochee Hills southwest of Atlanta, the Serenbe community is designed to deliver everybody’s favorite buzzword: wellness. You can’t argue with the gourmet wine dinners, leafy walking trails, and goat yoga, but be aware that paradise doesn’t come cheap. —Carrie Battan

The Tao of Firebox Steve: Brooklyn guy Mark Horowitz has a man crush on a Utah cookstove inventor named Steve Despain, and it’s easy to see why. Using creative design, smart marketing, and YouTube star turns, Steve has brought glamour to camping’s humblest little workhorse.


Big Idea

Mob Mentality: Is Yosemite’s El Capitan turning into an Everest Base Camp–size mess? —Andrew Bisharat

The Outsider

Kara Goucher: After nearly a decade of speaking out against one of the most powerful forces in running, the veteran Olympic marathoner has achieved something entirely unexpected: redemption.


Portfolio: Martin Johansen’s quest to capture traditional beekeeping in India.


Documentaries: Four exciting films from this year’s festivals look at quixotic quests and devastating disasters. Plus, a new book explores our attraction to water.


Day Hikers: Kicks to take you from high mountains to city streets.

Rain Shells: Outerwear built to survive any forecast.


Watch: Form marries function in Tag Heuer’s latest data tracker


Health: New research may help answer lingering questions aboutconcussions.

Grooming: Six skin-care essentials for your next river trip. 

Moves: Working stabilizer muscles can lead to big gains in and out of the gym.

Fuel: DIY almond—or cashew, or sunflower—butter should be a staple in any kitchen.