Outside Magazine, November 2016

The Love Issue



How the invisible hand of climate change will shake up your coat rack

Devices to help you fuel better and faster

What a standard day will run you at 20 different hills

Take your pick from yoga retreats in Tulum, farm-to-table bounty in Baja, Pacific surf, and tequila from the source in Guadalajara

We all dream of buying that secluded wilderness retreat. But what does it have to offer when the seclusion and wilderness turn out to be mostly in our imagination? Actually, a lot.

Are the Hash House Harriers a nearly century-old orienteering group dash, a drinking club with a running problem, or just Tinder for runners? Our correspondent intended to find out.

Politics might be the focus of our nation’s capital, but d.c.’s greatest resource is adventure

When it comes to the nature of attraction, the essayist and novelist—whose dozen books include "The Maytrees," about lifelong love on Cape Cod—has learned a thing or two. So when we asked her for some practical wisdom, she didn’t hesitate to dish out a little radical honesty.

More exercise, surprising meals, backcountry escapes, chilling out, and spicy yoga

This big next step is thrilling—and perilous. Proceed with caution.

Your intrepid lifestyle gives you an advantage on Tinder. Now don’t blow it.

Note to potential mates: He gets (mostly) better with age.

Getting hitched is the ­ultimate excuse to go big on a vacation. Don’t waste it.

How to find a partner who shares your passion for living bravely, build a relationship fueled by adventure, and keep happiness alive through kids, career changes, and really bad wipeouts

One man’s slightly deranged quest to Bodhi his way to a must-see YouTube clip

Forget about counting reps in your head. This clever jump rope uses embedded LEDs to project that number in front of you.

There is an evolutionary death match under way in Hawaii, where half a million feral cats, some of them infected with a terrifying zombie parasite, are wreaking havoc on endangered species. Some people call them the "kitties of doom." Others will do anything to save them.


In Guadalajara, mariachi echoes through the streets, tacos are a staple provision, and barrels of tequila are made at the nearby Patrón Hacienda.

Till Boredom Do Us Part
At its best love is a marathon, one that only gets better as the adventures pile up. From those first dates to the golden years, here’s how to make your romantic life epic.

Thirty years after Eastern Air Lines Flight 980 crashed into a Bolivian peak carry-ing 29 people and a load of smuggled snakeskins, two Boston buddies scoured the mountain’s flanks to try and solve one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history. By Peter Frick-Wright

Pussies Galore
Fat cats, skinny cats, spot-ted cats, sick cats. Hawaii’s hundreds of thousands of feral felines are decimating its endangered birds. Con­ser­vationists want to eliminate the “kitties of doom.” But cat people won’t go down without a fight. By Paul Kvinta

First Look: Utah startup Mountain Hub is out to crowdsource avalanche safety. 
Food: What’s ­behind the oily-fish craze?
Stunts: Aussie daredevil Rex Pemberton’s quest to parachute his way to surf-video greatness
Gear: As global temps rise, jacket manufacturers slim down. 
Outsider: Vikings star Travis Fimmel takes minimalism to the max.

Wanted: A jump rope that counts reps for you. 
Skis: Featherweight tips and honeycomb polymers mean nimbler turns and harder charging. 
Spectrum: Buoyant decks with plenty of float, finesse, and pop.
Upgrade: Luminous gear for winter’s fading light.

In the Lead: Can the nature cure ever compete with Xanax?
Active Cities: Washington, D.C. 
Pulse: IV hydration clinics, Epic bone broth, per­fect instant coffee, and a retired runner taking on the New York City Marathon.
Tools: The athlete’s kitchen. 

Mexico: Yoga retreats in Tulum, ­farm-to-table bounty in Baja, Pacific surf, and tequila from the source in Guadalajara. ­There’s mucho mas to our southern neighbor than meets the eye.


Parting Shot