Outside Magazine, November 2019



Total Immersion: The compelling virtual worlds in big-budget games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and World of Warcraft can become an addictive substitute for actually going outside. But there’s no need for Reefer Madness panic: the same technology is being used to open up a vast new world of active adventure. —David Kushner

Soften the F!$% Up: Expedition kayaker Scott Lindgren knocked off descents of the most remote and dangerous rivers on earth, from the Tsangpo to the White Nile. He paddled with an aggro attitude and saw weakness as an unforgivable trait in himself and others. But when a brain tumor started to derail his athletic performance and threaten his life, everything changed. —Scott Lindgren with Thayer Walker

The Leading Edge

A behind-the-scenes look at the people, gear, and ideas shaping our world.

The Tools: From green trucks and biodegradable garments to thinner and warmer wetsuits and on-demand insurance for athletes.

The Creators: A new electric-motorcycle company is raising the off-road standard. —Portfolio by Elisabeth Toll

The Age of Aquarius: Backed by billionaire philanthropists and Silicon Valley venture capitalists, a wave of upstart entrepreneurs are developing high-tech, low-cost technologies to explore the watery realms we still barely understand. Are the oceans finally getting their moon-shot moment? —Michael Roberts

The Bionic Woman: Mikaela Shiffrin had a cold. But it didn’t matter. She won anyway. She always wins. Here’s how. —Peter Vigneron


Big Idea

Inconvenient Truths: So you gave up plastic straws. Well done! But President Trump is right: we have bigger things to focus on. —Marc Peruzzi

The Outsider

Richard Louv: In 2005, the bestselling author helped usher in the nature-as-therapy movement. His latest book asks us to start bonding with wild animals.


National Parks: A new photo book chronicles the park system’s graphic identity. Plus: fall releases from our favorite nonfiction writers.


Skis: This season’s new models are light, edgy, and versatile.

Snowboards: Four tree-topped designs that look as good as they ride.

Heated Gear: Powered equipment to stave off the cold.

Backcountry Essentials: Necessities for traveling out of bounds.

Ski Jackets: Because you don’t want to be huddled in the lodge while fresh powder is falling.


The Watch: A self-winding Vacheron Constantin that’s built to go the distance. 


Adventure Bars: The best way to refuel after a perfect day of outdoor play? With your crew at one of these primely located watering holes.

Base Camp: Hotel Rodavento in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, serves up an entrancing mix of downtime and adrenaline.


Training: Is AI the next frontier of customized workouts? 

Downtime: Booze isn’t exactly ideal for performance. But new nonalcoholic cocktails taste just as good as the real thing.

Performance: The military is overhauling its classic fitness test. Think you have what it takes?

Health: Make the most of the holidays without running yourself ragged.