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Faris Al-Sultan's crusade to become triathlon's first Muslim world champion

Thirty vehicles, 16,000 miles, and not a single tank of gas

TECHNOLOGY HAS MEANT GREAT THINGS for the fitness industry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get real results from “old school” workouts. When I coached the U.S. National Cycling Team, from 1990 to ’97, I used the mountains behind my Colorado Springs cabin as a training ground for young racers,…

Name: DANIELLE FISHER Danielle Fisher BASE CAMP: Fisher in her parents’ backyard in Bow, Washington Home: Bow, Washington Gig: Mountaineer Height: 5’7″ Weight: 130 Age: 20 IN JUNE, FISHER became the youngest American to stand atop Mount Everest—and the youngest person ever to complete the Seven Summits, knocking…

ADVANCES IN SOLAR PANELS in recent years have led to some promising developments in off-the-grid recharging, with light, flexible cells that can be fused into tents, backpacks, and even clothing. Alas, the designs have thus far placed utility above style—executed with all the flair of a Soviet architect. But this…

ENOUGH WITH SILLY STUNTS on tropical islands—Survivor is so yesterday. For the real deal in white-knuckle reality TV, check out Survivorman. Each episode of the new Science Channel series—premiering September 16 at 9 p.m. EDT—finds 43-year-old survival expert Les Stroud alone in one of the planet’s harshest environments, from the…

As adventure goes mainstream, a new crop of youth teams takes root. Can climbing moms be far behind?

In the brave new world of Eastern Europe, a bond forged in adventure�then nearly forgotten�is reborn. Just in time.

Thank your monkey for the good, the bad, and the ugly

She: "I just ran 300 miles!" He: "Check out my rippling quads!" It ain't easy being Pam Reed. When the skinny Tucson mom ran 11 marathons in a row without stopping this spring, did anybody notice? No, they were too busy fawning over her nemesis, the buff Dean Karnazes, as he dashed gaily from magazine shoot to book signing. So what gives?

Whether you're headed to the cabin or the corner café, fend off fall's chill with luxe sweaters and jackets made to last a lifetime

Adventure, big and small, is all about risk. The risk that things may go terribly wrong. That danger will finally cut off your credit and hit you with a hefty bill. That luck will flee the scene as the dark tide rises. In the tales of calamity that follow, our 13 unlucky writers hold forth on their personal odysseys into the land of nightmares.

Are you wasting valuable munch time on food you don't need? A cutting-edge gene test may tell you exactly what your body requires to stay healthy, grow stronger, and recover faster.

Ride the rails in style on these six epic train odysseys

Boost performance and play in perfect comfort by investing in innovative made-to-order gear

Can you take a company to the top when you can't stand nearly everything about traditional business and what it represents? You can if you're Yvon Chouinard. In an exclusive excerpt from his new management guide, Let My People Go Surfing, Patagonia's contrarian founder talks about breaking the rules�and creating the world's most iconoclastic adventure-ap

The ten worst adventure disasters of the past 200 years

Rod Liberal was climbing in the Grand Tetons when the worst happened—a flash of lightning blasted him and a group of his climbing friends, leaving one dead. What's life like after high voltage rips through your body? You don't want to know.


Some journeys make you feel like a hero. Others leave you crying for Mommy. In a rousing tribute to misadventure, 13 of our unluckiest writers recall the day they got punk’d. DANIEL DUANE suffers a big-time big-wall indignity! JON LEE ANDERSON dodges bullets in Nicaragua! KEN COLLINS wipes out surfing Jaws! JANE SMILEY picks up hitchhiking ex-cons! And more. PLUS: TOP TEN WORST MOMENTS IN ADVENTURE HISTORY and the BEST BOOKS ON REALLY BAD TRIPS .

On the worst day of Rod Liberal’s life, lightning jolted him high on the Grand Teton. He survived, but his struggle to be whole again may never end.
By Jason Daley

Over the past 32 years, YVON CHOUINARD has built Patagonia Inc. into an adventure-apparel giant and the archetype for a mod management style driven by authenticity, environmental ethics, and a commitment to giving back. In this exclusive preview of his forthcoming book, the legendary dirtbag tycoon shares the secret of turning a profit without losing your soul.

By all accounts, Pam Reed is an ultrarunning phenom. But no matter how many miles she slogs, she’s overshadowed by Dean Karnazes, a chiseled champion who’s achieved a level of fame and fortune she desperately wants. What’s a girl gotta do to get some attention around here?
By Florence Williams



» Faris Al-Sultan is a walking paradox—a Muslim sponsored by a German brewery—and a favorite to win October’s IRONMAN HAWAII .

» PASSING ON GAS We hit the road with an enviro-visionary who crossed the U.S. in muscle machines like a Hummer, a single-engine plane, and a motorcycle—without a drop of petrol.

» At 20, Washington’s Danielle Fisher became the youngest person to complete the SEVEN SUMMITS . Now she’s sizing up the world’s other 8,000-meter peaks.

» It’s time for a reality check with LES STROUD , TV’s Survivorman.

» SOLAR POWER is being integrated into gear. We suss sun-charged packs that’ll keep your phone and iPod charged for the long haul—anywhere.

» CHRIS CARMICHAEL designs Rocky-style workouts—like running stadium steps and chopping wood—to get you fit without gym fees.

» Quarterbacks and sluggers take a backseat to THE NEW BIG MEN ON CAMPUS : Climbing, kayaking, and snowsports are now breeding high school heroes.

» SIMIANTICS Two new books—Our Inner Ape, by Frans de Waal, and The Ape in the Corner Office, by Richard Conniff—take a wild, hairy look at the primate in us all.

» Rail world: For epic travel, nothing tops our six favorite TRAIN JOURNEYS , from the CANADIAN ROCKIES to AUSTRALIA and beyond.

» THE WILD FILE peers into the world of rattlesnake-proof rodents, the number of earthlings per acre, forbidden dances, and more.

We take a look at the controversial new science of DNA NUTRITION —in which genetic testing tells you what to eat and how to train for peak performance, naturally.

Gear works better when it’s tailor-made just for you. We torture-test a range of CUSTOMIZED STUFF —including a Seven road bike, Timberland boots, and Ultimate Ears earbuds—to answer the burning question “Is it worth it?” (Yes.) PLUS: Kill the chill with the BEST FALL FASHION , from wool sweaters to bomber overcoats.

Sixteen years after a chance encounter with a kindred soul, Mark Jenkins rekindles a FRIENDSHIP BUILT ON A BIKE in wildest Russia.