Outside Magazine, Oct 2014

The Survival Issue



Prepare yourself for the worst with the smartest survival tools around.

As resorts open more extreme terrain, skiers are wondering: Should I wear my beacon in-bounds?

Some of the explosives that professionals use to take down the white dragon.

A look at the human factors that can blur judgment in the field.

Playing safely in the mountains requires an intimate knowledge of terrain and an understanding of how a host of variables—including sun, wind, and temperature—affect the snowpack.

Every year, more than 500 Americans will be struck by lightning—and roughly 90 percent of them will survive. Though they remain among the living, their minds and bodies will be instantly, fundamentally altered in ways that still leave scientists scratching their heads.

The key to digging your friends out alive is how fast you are with these three essential avalanche safety tools.

No, but it is getting increasing dangerous out there. As hordes of skiers hit the backcountry, they're triggering more avalanches than ever before, and there's still a dangerous gap between our collective enthusiasm and the depth of our knowledge. But while the learning curve is daunting and the risks are high, the adventure rewards are immense—if you do it rig

Don't just sit there. Get the most from your training by recovering right.

New gear, featuring better mounting, portability, and durability, to capture your most epic days

There's nothing cooler than wool

Choose leather for breathability, strength, and flexibility. You'll never want to stray.

In Hollywood's vision of horror, the real nightmare isn't on Elm Street—it's the cold, desolate forest itself.

Our favorite jackets for staying warm and dry—even on the chilliest adventures

As patients jettison insurance plans for concierge care, some are looking to optimize their fitness level along with their health.

Want to boost your smoothie? These little powerhouses are packed with nutrients.

The 33-year-old triathlete is American's best hope to reclaim Ironman Kona.

They've put in the time up in the air, and some of them tell others how to see the world for a living. We asked them: What's the one piece of travel advice everyone should know?

Crying babies, endless delays, and that one aggressive seat-kicker are almost inevitable travel companions. Doesn't mean you can't have a nice journey: savvy packing will keep you collected and calm. We can't promise the same for the new parents across the aisle.

Ditching gas from the chainsaw equation never felt so good

GoPro hopes its summer IPO can turn a single-product company into a media superpower. Sound familiar?

Kai Lightner of Fayetteville, North Carolina, is making himself known in pro competitions and confidently tackling some of the toughest routes out there. It's even more impressive when you consider that he's only a high school sophomore.

We polled an all-star team of experts and adventurers to put together our new rules of travel—all the airfare tips and digital tricks that make getting out there easier than ever.

Afterglow isn't just the year's most captivating ski movie—it's also a giant TV ad. And it could be the future of adventure films.

Last year in Nazaré, Portugal, the Brazilian surfer nearly drowned while trying to ride the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman. Most of the alpha males who dominate the sport say Gabeira doesn't belong in their ranks, but nothing will stop her from going back in.

Do cell phones, satellite messengers, and personal locator beacons create more false alarms in the backcountry?

A star political blogger for Grist.org, David Roberts spent so much time posting and Tweeting and staring at screens that he almost went nuts. So he pulled the plug for a year, restarting his relationship with technology and actively seeking health, balance, and adventure in the real world. What he learned just might save you from meltdown.

Maya Gabeira Takes a Breath
She was trapped underwater, her leg broken, pummeled by 50-foot waves. But that hasn’t stopped the Brazilian surfer from chasing the biggest wave ever ridden by a woman. Now she just has to convince the sport’s alpha dogs that she belongs in the lineup. By Matt Skenazy

Die Another Day
What would you do if you were trapped in an elevator? Fishtailing toward a cliff? Surrounded by monkeys or armed guerrillas? Answer correctly and you’ll come out alive. By Jason Daley

White Noise
More skiers and snowboarders are venturing beyond the resort ropes in search of epic powder, and that means greater avalanche risk. Our guide to backcountry safety will help you stay safe—and maximize your powdery reward. By Christopher Solomon

Get Ready
It doesn’t take a tsunami to leave you stranded and in jeopardy—a flood, blizzard, or ice storm will do the job just fine. We canvassed preppers and survivalists for the tools to weather any storm. By Reid Singer and Will Dietrich-Egensteiner

The Body Electric
Some 500 Americans are struck by lightning every year. But for those who survive, the ordeal is just the beginning. Victims’ neurons, movements, memories, and even personalities may be irrevocably fried. By Ferris Jabr

Help on the Way
Nowadays, when we head out into the wilderness, we take our gadgets with us. But do cell phones, satellite messengers, and personal locator beacons just create more false alarms? By Peter Vigneron

Reboot or Die Trying
Blogger David Roberts was an online junkie. For most of his waking hours he stared at screens, reading, posting, and sharing. He Tweeted up to 1,000 times a day. Then he quit. For one year, Roberts took a digital sabbatical, reimmersing himself in real life. Here’s what he learned.

First Look: Afterglow is the most visually stunning ski film ever made. It’s also a commercial for a new TV.
Head to Head: Can GoPro become the next Red Bull?
Covet: Cutting firewood goes electric.
Primer: How benefit corporations give new meaning to good buys.
Media: In praise of horror’s greatest villain—the wilderness.
Rising Star: Climbing prodigy Kai Lightner gets belay help from his mom.

The New Rules of Travel: Fare hikes, security lines—it’s enough to frazzle even seasoned globe-trotters. Our expert hacks will get you there sanely, no matter where you’re headed.

In the Lead: Concierge medicine is turning doctors into personal trainers.
Fuel: Six surprisingly healthy ways to seed your smoothie.
Tools: Recover faster with rollers, massage balls, and electrical muscle stimulators.
My Body: Meet America’s best shot at the Ironman World Championship.

Classics: The perfect wool shirt.
Jackets: Weatherproof outerwear burly enough for the season ahead.
Fundamentals: Why leather work gloves are taking over the mountain.
Adventure Tech: The action filmmaker’s perfect kit.

Active Kicks: Add a dash of color to your shoes this fall.


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