Outside Magazine, October 2016

Fitness Special


Question Everything
After years of interviewing athletes and entre­preneurs, human guinea pig Tim Ferriss has a few tricks up his sleeve, including AcroYoga, Instagram hacks, and, um, a stress-relieving vibrator. By Tim Ferriss

Know Thyself
The era of person­alized blood testing is here. But does all that data lead to information overload? By Peter Andrey Smith
Plus: Take charge of your own health.
Upgrade: New tech that gathers your stats. 

Make Boredom the Enemy
Meet Zwift, a cycling video game that transforms the hell of indoor training into a competitive paradise. By Andrew Tilin
Plus: To stick with fitness, make it fun. 

Use Your Head
​New research confirms that the mind is an athlete’s most important muscle. By Nick Heil
Plus: Don’t overthink your workout.
Wanted: Halo Sport headphones.

Ignore Your Limits
We had six rookies plunge deep into caves, swim the open ocean, and strike ballet poses (seriously!) to prove to themselves—and you—that anything is possible.

Always Be Moving
Sitting all day is killing you, but the solu­tion isn’t a standing desk. Prepare yourself for an awkward new office routine. By Christopher Keyes
Upgrade: Exercise gear that travels.

Get Fat
Doctors have used the high-fat ketogenic diet to treat epilepsy for decades. Now athletes are tapping into its high-energy benefits. Are you ready to love sardines? By T. J. Murphy
Plus: Make fat work for you.

Surrender to the Higher Powers
You don’t need a million-dollar pro contract to reap the benefit of Exos, a Phoenix performance outfit that fine-tunes NFL players and soccer stars. By Nick Heil

Work Hardest At Rest
Knowing when and how to take it easy is the key to long-haul health. By Will Cockrell

Never Give Up