Outside Magazine, September/October 2020


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Ciao, Brumotti! Coronavirus hasn’t stopped Italian two-wheeled avenger Vittorio Brumotti from righting society’s wrongs. The cyclist has delighted Italy with his TV news segment “100% Brumotti,” shaming people for parking in handicapped spaces and taking on the mafia. Tom Vanderbilt rides along with Italy’s favorite vigilante.

#SheHunts: A new school of social-media influencers are giving hunting a fresh and decidedly female face. Food writer Rachel Levin joins two rising stars of “huntstagram” in the Arizona backcountry to chase mule deer for her first time. Can she stomach what it takes to be an omnivore?

Mr. Freeze: Wim Hof became famous for submerging himself in frigid water with the calm of a Zen master, and his teachings about breath work and the health benefits of cold plunges have attracted millions of followers. Our writer traveled to Iceland to chill with the man who made cold extremely hot. —Susan Casey

Out There, Nobody Can Hear You Scream: Two years ago, Latria Graham wrote about the challenges of being Black in the outdoors, and countless readers asked her for advice. She didn’t write back, because she had no idea what to say. In the aftermath of a revolutionary summer, she responds.



Ayana Elizabeth Johnson: This marine biologist became a star in the environmental movement by advocating that cleaning up the planet requires a commitment to social justice. By Bonnie TSUI


Fall Escapes: This year it’s better to explore uncrowded places closer to home. You’ll be amazed at the road trips and adventures we found in every region of the U.S.


Road Trip Kit: Tools to help you savor the journey.

Car Camping: Essentials that stand the test of time.

Sleep Upgrades: Slumber well at your site, no matter how far off the beaten path you park.

Trail Running Shoes: These trainers will keep you floating on technical terrain.

Barbecue: You’ll want to stay home and cook on this versatile backyard machine.


Reality TV: After a nearly two-decade hiatus, the Eco-Challenge adventure race makes a comeback on Amazon Prime, and at just the right moment.


Portfolio: Kenny Hurtado heads to Oahu’s North Shore to capture John John Florence, the greatest surfer on earth.


The Outside Guide to Healthy Living: Strategies and tips to help you get through anything.