Outside Magazine, September/October 2021



Congrats, You Just Earned Three Leaves! A new app called NatureQuant harnesses the latest nature-is-medicine research to track and rate your time outside. Next up: determining the right dose. —Alex Hutchinson

Camping with Ketamine: Oregon voters have opened the door to therapeutic use of psychedelics. In a peek at the future, David Kushner attends a backwoods retreat where patients with serious psychological issues get help from a powerful hallucinatory substance. —David Kushner

Flight of the Cosmic Arrows: At a bold and stylish new brewery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Missy Begay and Shyla Sheppard are using traditional Native American ingredients to produce delicious craft creations, part of a growing movement that’s changing the face of domestic beer. —Lois Ellen Frank

The Sweetest Irritating Buzz You’ll Ever Hear: If you get lost or injured in the mountains these days, aid might come from above—in the form of small-propeller drones that are revolutionizing search and rescue, and saving lives. —Dan Schwartz



Earyn McGee: The Twitter-famous saurologist is building a more inclusive scientific community—and spotting some sneaky lizards along the way.


Road Bikes: A new generation of steeds for pavement and beyond.

Trail Runners: Shoes to suit every stride.

Car Camping: Items that make any site pop.

Fall Hiking: Just the kit to turn your jaunts into all-day affairs.

Upland Hunting: Time in the bush requires hard-wearing essentials.


Health: Can a new device save us from our smartphones?

Tools: Five gua sha products to jump-start your path to pain relief.

Fuel: A Native American recipe for all that wild game you harvested during the pandemic.

Moves: Calm your body and mind with these six gentle stretches.


Portfolio: Bhutan’s rugged and remote Snowman Trek proves worth the toil for Frédéric Lagrange.


Cities of the Future: Outdoor access is essential for our well-being—but inequities inherent to that access still exist. We chose 13 metropolitan meccas with high marks for sustainability, affordability, and outdoor equity. Plus: TV hosts and comedians W. Kamau Bell and Baratunde Thurston discuss the state of American cities and towns today.