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September/October 2022

Fall escapes: 10 easy weekends & big adventures, why we’re obsessed with ‘Alone,’ the truth about used gear, Nick Offerman versus the raccoon, the fight to save the last sequoias, and “The Lambs and I (a Love Story)”



The unending search for a competitive edge in sports has a cost. It’s called the Red Queen effect.

Meet an amazing man who has dedicated his entire adult life to stone skipping, sacrificing everything to produce world-record throws that defy the laws of physics. To hear him tell it, he has no choice.

People say farmers aren’t supposed to get emotionally attached to livestock. Uh-huh. When fate sent our writer two newborn sheep with life-threatening birth defects, that kind of thinking was banished from the barn.

Once thought to be basically immortal, giant sequoias are dying in droves as fires burn bigger, hotter, and longer than at any other point in human history. Protecting them is possible, but managing western woods is a Pandora’s box of tough choices.