Outside Magazine, Winter 2021


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Hustle and Float: In her quest to master the wheelie, our writer finds the sweet spot at the crossroads of work and play. —Kim Cross

The Searchers: Forty years on, investigators are still trying to solve the case of Paul Fugate, a ranger at Arizona’s Chiricahua National Monument who vanished without a trace and has never been found. What keeps them motivated? Brendan Borrell digs into a complicated mystery that won’t let go.

Last Tango inTetiaroa: In 1967, Marlon Brando bought an atoll near Tahiti with the aim of preserving it as a tropical paradise. That effort continues, supported by a resort where Beyoncé, Obama, and other big shots chill next to a stunning private lagoon. Hampton Sides went there to meet with scientists and splash around an eco-fantasy island.

The Best Chef in America Wants to Kill Things so that You May Know Joy: Joshua Skenes ran one of the most expensive restaurants in San Francisco, with industry accolades and three Michelin stars. Still, he felt unfulfilled. Enter a top secret new venture where, if you’re lucky, you can have the best meal of your life for free. —Daniel Duane



Portfolio: Wildlife photographer Vincent Munier tracks down some of the Arctic’s most elusive inhabitants.

The Outsider

Tim Cook: Why Apple’s CEO wants to make health and wellness the company’s greatest legacy.


Puffies: Lofty jackets for every endeavor.

Trail Running: Hit the hills in high gear.

Snowshoeing: Get moving while the snow is glistening.

Backcountry Tools: Seek out powder stashes safely.


Winter Boots: Cold-weather comfort starts with your feet.


Adventure Intel: To kick off the year, we came up with a list of the 31 people, places, and trends that matter now, from the rise of outdoor reservation systems and new mountain-biking meccas to where to thaw out this season.


Just Say Yes: What happens when you conquer a fear, embrace uncertainty, and try something new? We sent eight writers on a mission to find out.