Summer 2019 Buyer’s Guide



Sleep so magnificent, you’ll be turning in early

Lightweight hikers that command the path

Stuff to keep you comfortable for a day (or a month) on the trail

Stuff to keep you comfortable for a day (or a month) on the trail

Frosty fortresses for trail and campsite

Gear that’s got you covered wherever you choose to send it

Camping on top of your car or truck is easier than ever

And fend off your campmates’ envy

From backyard to backcountry, precision instruments to help you get the job done

Accessories for good boys and girls

There’s no painful mortgage, but a few key factors should guide your decision when shopping for a tent

Retro style meets future tech

Adventure-ready bags for cargo hold or overhead bin

Perfect pits for your culinary exploits

A truly game-changing long-haul camper

Go the distance with these nine essentials

Dive-oriented timepieces are more capable than ever

Gear for next-level adventure, no matter how far afield you’ll be

Immortalize your adventures

Turn your vehicle into an adventure-mobile

Perform your best in these stylish yet technical bottoms

Seven supremely capable shoes for the pavement

Heavy has gone the way of the dinosaur

Buffs and bandanas aren’t exactly essential running gear for most people, but they’re handy workhorses that mop sweat, keep hair back, and perform a dozen other functions in a pinch

Performance and comfort, mile after mile

A practical guide for purchasing your next pair of trainers

Precision data-gathering devices to optimize your workouts

Real nourishment for high performance

Build a foundation of comfort with these technical next-to-skin garments

A space-age-looking inflatable with versatility to spare leads this year’s picks

Stave off injury and get your body ready for what’s next

When it comes to wearables, go easy on the bells and whistles

Surf-ready bikinis and one-pieces that protect and flatter

Play in the rays without feeling the burn

This year is a celebration of the past—each of the boats at the top of our list is a revamp of a bestseller. Some might say that looking back is a sign that the sport isn’t progressing, but we don’t agree.

An assortment of oars to take you where you want to go

Packs, cases, and other stuff that survive a good soaking

Here’s what to know when shopping for a SUP

This year’s class is changing how we see roadies

Gear so capable, the trout will practically come to you

Dirt whips that take you everywhere the fun is

Advanced bike gear for safer, radder adventures

Gear so capable, the trout will practically come to you

Advanced bike gear for safer, radder adventures

An asymmetrical board with a blazing performance

With countless options and sky’s-the-limit pricing, a mountain bike can be an intimidating purchase. Don’t panic. Start here.

Shelters that rise above in affordability, sturdiness, and headroom

At long last, full-protection shells that breathe, too

The season’s haulers emphasize user-friendliness