Winter 2020 Buyer’s Guide



Keep hands toasty and fingers functional with these sturdy mitts

Bundle up in our favorite fiber

State-of-the-art protection, minus that clamped-down feeling

Finally, a winter hauler that hits the sweet spot

Bring home the bacon. Or venison or turkey.

Whatever your adventure, here’s the gear to get you on your way

Keep footing firm on dicey surfaces

Spry and responsive foul-weather trainers for road and trail

Technical pieces that breathe new life into old materials

Don’t let winter cold banish you to the treadmill

Don’t let winter cold banish you to the treadmill

Weather’s nasty? No need to stay inside if you’ve got a pair of these.

You want to ride your bike. You know you do. So get out there.

Astride any of these stout steeds, you needn’t limit yourself to snow

Sending indoors can be fun. Here are our favorite tools.

Don’t let chilly weather keep you on the couch

Don’t let chilly weather keep you on the couch

Train naked. Or wear a panda suit if you want—it’s your house!

Smart devices that track everything you do

Cool capability returns with the best shades for winter

Look like a million bucks. And feel like it, too.

Keep cozy when you’re off the slopes

These shirts do it all—dinner, drinks, and (yes) lumberjacking

Versatility reigns as decks with inventive shapes push performance to the edge

We ski in jeans. And skip the wardrobe change when we’re done.

Comfort and style as you go from lift lines to bar limes

Soothing helpers for all your winter ailments

Everything you need to host a hungry crew at the end of the day

Eager to find the perfect resort? Read on.

New and revamped classics for adventurous wrists

They won’t always be on their best behavior, but at least they’ll stay warm and dry

Prepare for the worst and never be caught off guard

Mission-critical kit for cars, trucks, and the garage

The season’s top performers from our ski test in Steamboat, Colorado, do everything you want them to, no matter what the conditions

You can’t spend every day chasing powder stashes

Two newcomers shake things up, while a couple of old hands succeed with clever tech

Shed a little weight from your backcountry setup

The year’s best powder hounds

Because remote, untracked snow is worth the effort

Turns out performance and eco-friendliness can play nice together

Swaddle yourself in light-weight, breathable warmth

Swaddle yourself in light-weight, breathable warmth