A patch is a specific file that outlines all the changes made between two sets of files.

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This May we've partnered with REI to celebrate the unapologetic, fierce women around the world—those who live bravely, chasing dreams and fighting to be heard. This Women's Issue is just the beginning.

At Outside, we pride ourselves on publishing independent gear and product reviews that put our readers first, and high-quality content will always be our first priority. Every product featured in our editorial gear coverage has been picked—and in many cases abused—by either our editors or our team of freelance testers.

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“What the heck is RSS?” Don't be put off by the acronym. It's short for Really Simple Syndication, and it's a really fast, efficient feature that lets you collect your favorite Web content in one place. Instead of wading through Google results to get the outdoor-adventure stories you…

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America's leading active-lifestyle and adventure-travel magazine is looking for an assistant editor to join its print team. Think you have what it takes? Apply now. Outside magazine, America's leading active-lifestyle and adventure-travel magazine dedicated to covering the sports, people, places, adventures, discoveries, health and fitness, gear and apparel, trends, and events…

I have been looking for a lady’s altimeter watch. Why does it seem like the industry isn’t making watches for women? Marilyn Santa Fe, NM

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