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The New Yorker staff writer spoke with Outside Book Club host Elizabeth Hightower Allen about turning the unbelievable story of itinerant canoeist Dick Conant into a book

The 440-mile route goes from the third-deepest lake in the U.S. to the jagged peaks of the North Cascades and the tulip-filled Skagit Valley

Hundreds of mountaineers are taking advantage of clear conditions on the world’s tallest peak

The Swiss Alps are home to an incredible new hut-to-hut runners’ route called the Via Valais. It’s a little demanding—150 miles, nine stages, and 42,000 feet of elevation gain—but if you can take it on, you’re guaranteed one of the most spectacular adventures of your life.

In 2013, writer Mary Grimm got lost amid whiteout conditions and had to fend for herself for nearly a week

Mother Nature’s most bizarre wonders are created by all-real natural effects

For many hikers, stopping can be harder than continuing, even if it’s a good idea

Chalk Plant hopes to raise funds through Web3 technology to build a climbing space in Brooklyn

Dozens of expeditions took advantage of favorable weather to reach the world’s highest point on Thursday

These seven destinations are the perfect summer base camps, with plenty of adventure on and off the water

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