Tigers Asylum OutsideOnline News
After being rescued from a German circus and then Belgium officials, UK seems to be the right fit for the tigers. (subinpumsom/Thinkstock)

2 Tigers Granted Asylum

UK finally gives animals a home

Tigers Asylum OutsideOnline News

Lincolnshire’s Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park welcomed two tigers into its family this month. After a widespread effort to save the animals from mistreatment in Germany and Belgium, the UK wildlife park was able to provide the tigers a sort of animal asylum and surely a better life. 

The two tigers, an 18-year-old male named Tango and an 8-year-old female named Julia, were traveling with a German circus and were treated horribly for much of their life. The condition and handling of the tigers was so poor that Belgian authorities seized the animals from the circus—but quickly sentenced the tigers to death.

Upon hearing the news, the wildlife community immediately began a campaign to raise money and find a home for the displaced tigers. Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park agreed to take the tigers and has been preparing for their arrival for nearly six months.

Between the costs of rescue, transportation, and building the tigers a new home, the wildlife park spent around $345,000 to make it all happen.

Tango is no stranger to the spotlight. The male tiger was made famous after starring in 1990s TV commercials for Esso unleaded fuels.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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