200,000 People Apply for One-Way Ticket to Mars

First Four People to Land in 2025


By 2025, Dutch company, The Mars One foundation plans to colonize Mars. Four lucky man-martians will be selected to make the initial trip and, according to CNN, they’ll never come back. The technology for a return trip doesn’t exist yet and a one-way ticket reduces costs, Mars One announced Tuesday.

But before humans take off, the privately-funded company has readied an unmanned, robo-mission set to launch in 2018 in which a robotic probe lander and satellite will test the proverbial waters of the Red Planet. If things go according to plan, Mars One expects permanent human settlement on Mars by the year 2025.

Since the company first announced the idea in April, more than 200,000 people have signed up to make like Marvin the Martian, says CEO Bas Lansdorp. The four chosen for the first manned mission will be notified by the end of the year. The budget to get that quartet to the Red Planet is $6 billion.

Brian De Palma’s Mission to Mars (2000) put humans on Mars by 2020—so you’re five years behind schedule, Mars One.