2014 Giro to Start in Ireland

Could bring in $15 million

Adam Roy

The 2014 Giro d’Italia will begin with three days of racing in Ireland, organizers announced this week. The start to the event will take place in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and will pass through cities including Belfast, Armagh, and Dublin.

At a launch event for the announcement in Belfast, Stephen Roche, the Irish winner of the 1987 Giro, said that the race was the “second-biggest event” for him, following the Tour de France. “When you consider the passion these people have, the passion these people have shown to us this morning, it is duplicated throughout the whole Italian nation,” he said.

While the Gran Partenza of the Giro is typically held in Italy, organizers have recently awarded the start to another country every two years. Authorities predict that the Giro start could bring in about $15 million to Ireland’s tourism industry.

Via The Telegraph