23,500 Apply for Minnesota Wolf Hunt

Only 6,000 permits will be awarded


Over 23,477 people have applied for 6,000 permits in the first Minnesota wolf hunt since their removal from the endangered species list. People from 33 states have applied for the lottery with the vast majority coming from out of state. Licenses will be issued for $30 for Minnesota residents and $250 for out-of-state hunters. The state has set a cap of 400 wolves that can be killed this year in two seasons—one starting in November to coincide with deer season and the other set for later in the year so trappers can take wolves with their thicker winter pelts. The hunt has faced intense opposition by environmental groups as several Western states have permitted wolf hunting. “Minnesotans want to be able to hear that howl in the woods. They know there’s no reason to have this hunt,” Maureen Hackett, a member of the group Howling for Wolves, said. “We want people to know the killing is going to begin soon but that we can still make a difference.”

Via Scientific American