24-Hour MB World Championships Cancelled

Officials cite lack of participation

Ryan O'Hanlon

Organizers of the 24-Hour Mountain Bike World Championships have cancelled the race due to lack of participation, officials announced. The race was scheduled for September 14-16 in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. “I’m sad for those in this community of Canmore that supported our desire to build a world-class event. I’m disappointed and sad beyond belief at the cancellation, which is a real blow for the whole endurance family,” founder Stuart Dorland said in a statement. He cited lack of sponsorship and a dearth of interested riders. All registered participants who have outstanding balances will receive a full refund. The first 24-Hour World Championship took place in the Canadian Rockies in 1999. There was no race last year after a suitable host in the United Kingdom could not be found.

Via Cycling News