3 Pilots Killed in Mississippi Plane Crash

Single engine on way to FAA safety conference


Three pilots flying a single-engine plane to a federal aviation safety conference were all killed Tuesday evening when they crashed shortly after takeoff in Jackson, Mississippi. After departing at 5:10 p.m., the pilot requested permission to return to the airport. Minutes later the plane went down. Witnesses described seeing the Piper PA-32 “spitting and sputtering” before crashing into a house and going up in flames. According to fire officials, one person escaped the home with minor injuries while a second is in stable condition at University of Mississippi Medical Center. The plane’s owner, Roger Latham, was supposed to have been on the plane but elected to go on a hunting trip instead. One of the victims on board the plane was John Edward Tilton, Jr., his flight instructor. Both the National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA are investigating the incident.

Via Associated Press