70-Year-Old Climber Survives Week in Crevasse

First request: a beer


A 70-year-old German man survived six days in a crevasse in the Austrian Alps by rationing a bar of chocolate and drinking glacial melt. The man had been touring the Schrankogel mountain without a rope when he feel 32 to 50 feet into the crevasse, landing on a ledge of ice. After six days nearby climbers heard his screams and rescuers were able to pull him out with a rope. He was then airlifted to a hospital in Innsbruck, where he is currently recovering. Despite the fall and freezing cold, he suffered no serious injuries and was in reasonably good spirits when found. “One of the treating physicians told us that one of the first things the 70-year-old asked for was a beer with a shot of lemonade,” said Johannes Schwamberger, spokesman for the hospital in Innsbruck, Austria.