9-Months-Pregnant Kayaker Wins Event

Emily Jackson takes home $4,000

Adam Roy

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Emily Jackson’s paddling for two now—but it doesn’t seem to be slowing her down. The 23-year-old kayaker won the women’s freestyle kayaking event at the Payette River Games over the weekend, taking home the $4,000 prize despite being nine months pregnant with her first child.

Jackson, the daughter of dominant kayaker and boat designer Eric, said that her decision to compete was carefully thought-out. “I was told by several doctors that as long as I was doing what my body was accustomed to that it would be safe for me and my baby,” she said. “With certain instructions such as avoiding impact, I knew what my limitations were and how to paddle within the limits.” Jackson and husband Nick Troutman’s first son is due July 19.

Via GrindTV

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