aron ralston
Aron Ralston (Kurt Markus)


Aron Ralston gives a shocking personal account of his agonizing choice of life over death

aron ralston

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Outside‘s September 2004 issue
, Aron Ralston for the first time gives an account of his six-day survival ordeal in the backcountry of Canyonlands National Park. In an exclusive preview of his upcoming memoir, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Ralston remembers the moment an 800-pound boulder came crashing down on his right arm, his struggle to stay focused and alert over an excruciating and slow-burning six days, and the moment he had to amputate his own hand. Here, we track Outside‘s coverage of Ralston’s remarkable survival tale. Read Ralston’s full story only in Outside by picking up your copy of the September issue, available on newsstands now!

aron ralston

aron ralston Aron Ralston

“Climber Amputates His Own Arm”
(Outside Online news, May 2, 2003)
After six days pinioned beneath a boulder, Ralston emerges from Bluejohn Canyon to the incredulity of park rescuers. “It was amazing that he was even walking on his own, losing as much blood as fast as he was,” a Sheriff’s officer tells reporters. “He’s got to be the toughest guy I’ve ever seen.”

Between a Rock and the Hardest Place
(The Hard Way, August 2003)
Mark Jenkins takes an inside look at the Ralston saga, examining the unquenchable human will to survive, as well as our own grisly fascination with such a macabre ordeal.

Aron Ralston’s Adventure Race
(Dispatches, September 2003)
From an outdoor-obsessed Everyman to Dateline celeb, Aron Ralston tries to get his life back on track, competing in an adventure race using a prosthetic limb he helped design.

Lead Photo: Kurt Markus

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