Aikau Family Sues Film Company

Lawsuit over rights to surfer's life story


The family of legendary Hawaiian surfer Eddie Aikau is suing a Los Angeles-based media company to stop it from claiming rights to the late waterman’s life story. According to documents filed in Hawaii’s First Circuit Court on April 3, Your Half Media Group purchased an option to make a movie about Aikau in 2004 but let that option lapse after 18 months without producing a film. “The purpose of the lawsuit is to clear the air so that movie houses feel comfortable contracting with the Aikau family,” said Seth Reiss, the family’s lawyer. Aikau, a pioneering big-wave surfer and lifeguard from Oahu’s North Shore, was lost at sea in March 1978 while attempting to rescue a stranded canoe. A documentary about his life is due out this fall.

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