Alaskan Kodiak Bear Escapes Refuge

Electric fence was turned off


The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center announced on Monday that a 300-pound Kodiak bear escaped from its enclosure near Portage, Alaska on April 3. The two-year-old bear, which was supposed to be transfered to a zoo in Sweden, slipped out through an electric fence that was turned off for maintenance. The refuge borders the Chugach National Forest, and a spokesperson for the center says the bear was last seen Tuesday night in the nearby mountains. “She could have just kept on walking and just walked into the Alaska wilderness. At this point in time, there’s not a whole lot to be done,” said Jessy Coltrane, the area biologist for Anchorage. The bear was brought to the center as a cub in December 2010 after being found alone on Kodiak Island at a time of year when bears typically hybernate.

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